Lord Seventh

CH: 七爷
Author: priest
Chapter total: 76 (+ 3 Extras)
Pairing: M/M
Rating: Teen (violence, body horror, discussion of mature subjects)
Status: Ongoing
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Other languages: Spanish


Table of Contents

[T/N: The first 32 chapters are in one post.]

Ch. 1: Seven Lifetimes of Ephemeral Lives
Ch. 2: It’s Better to Come Back
Ch. 3: An Old Friend is Still Here
Ch. 4: An Ephemeral Life of Prestige
Ch. 5: A Courteous Snake, but Not Sincere
Ch. 6: The Nanjiang Shamanet
Ch. 7: A Lively Scene
Ch. 8: Instant Recollection
Ch. 9: A Raised Foot Carries Weight
Ch. 10: So-Called Fortune
Ch. 11: Reciprocal Gift-giving
Ch. 12: Copper Skin and Iron Bones
Ch. 13: Brother Wu Xi
Ch. 14: Near the Year’s End
Ch. 15: Beside Fullmoon River
Ch. 16: A Beauty Under the Moonlight
Ch. 17: Assassins on a Nighttime Stroll
Ch. 18: Strictness in the Prince Estate
Ch. 19: Mountain Rain Threatening to Fall
Ch. 20: Words that Bear the Heart
Ch. 21: A Dragon and Tiger Fight
Ch. 22: A City Full of Pretty Sights
Ch. 23: It Would Be Rude to Decline
Ch. 24: Shuffling the Cards Once Again
Ch. 25: Unbearable to Remember
Ch. 26: Wordless Yearning
Ch. 27: Evening Evaluation in the Hall of Orchids
Ch. 28: Jadeite’s Sacrificial Stage
Ch. 29: False Feng, True Luan
Ch. 30: A Bloody Night of Crazed Emotions
Ch. 31: Insurrection of the Two Guangs
Ch. 32: Autumn Brings Many Troubles

Ch. 33: Enough Wealth for a Whole Nation
Ch. 34: Messy Complications
Ch. 35: The Variable Ninth Heaven
Ch. 36: Arranging an Ingenious Match
Ch. 37: Catching a Colossal Rat
Ch. 38: Throw a Peach, Get a Plum Back
Ch. 39: Overflowing with Hesitation
Ch. 40: Spring Arrives in the Imperial City
Ch. 41: A Secret in Bloom
Ch. 42: The Divinations of Lord Seventh
Ch. 43: Meeting to Inquire Once More
Ch. 44: Dispatching Troops for a Condemnation
Ch. 45: Heart Joyed by Thee
Ch. 46: Mountains Collapsing and Ground Splitting
Ch. 47: A Worldly Blizzard
Ch. 48: Reconciliation
Ch. 49: A Dead End Road
Ch. 50: The Surrounding Army Must Leave an Out
Ch. 51: Heroes of All Roads
Ch. 52: Something Out of Nothing
Ch. 53: Dream Stupor
Ch. 54: Blooming on the Other Shore
Ch. 55: Youthful Feelings
Ch. 56: Know the Monarch, Let the Monarch
Ch. 57: Ruined Temple in the Wilderness
Ch. 58: Not Too Late for Retribution
Ch. 59: A Blossom Spring in the Outside World