Lord Seventh

Alt Titles: 七爷, Qi Ye
Author: priest
Chapter total: 76 (+ 3 Extras)
Pairing: M/M
Rating: Teen (violence, body horror, discussion of mature subjects)
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Waking up again in his seventh reincarnation, Prince Jing Beiyuan found himself back in time, when everything had yet to be set in motion. Having been given a second chance, Beiyuan has to survive court and decide whether it was finally time for him to let go of his feelings or not, all while trying to handle the youthful, innocent force of nature that had suddenly barged into his already complicated life.

Table of Contents

[T/N: The first 32 chapters are in one post.]

[Book 1 – Glorious Springtime Does Not For the Youth Remain]

Ch. 1: Seven Lifetimes of Ephemeral Lives
Ch. 2: It’s Better to Come Back
Ch. 3: An Old Friend is Still Here
Ch. 4: An Ephemeral Life of Prestige
Ch. 5: A Courteous Snake, but Not Sincere
Ch. 6: The Nanjiang Shamanet
Ch. 7: A Lively Scene
Ch. 8: Instant Recollection
Ch. 9: A Raised Foot Carries Weight
Ch. 10: So-Called Fortune
Ch. 11: Reciprocal Gift-giving
Ch. 12: Copper Skin and Iron Bones
Ch. 13: Brother Wu Xi
Ch. 14: Near the Year’s End
Ch. 15: Beside Fullmoon River
Ch. 16: A Beauty Under the Moonlight
Ch. 17: Assassins on a Nighttime Stroll
Ch. 18: Strictness in the Prince Estate

[Book 2 – Flowers that Don’t Know of Fate are Exceptionally Beautiful]

Ch. 19: Mountain Rain Threatening to Fall
Ch. 20: Words that Bear the Heart
Ch. 21: A Dragon and Tiger Fight
Ch. 22: A City Full of Pretty Sights
Ch. 23: It Would Be Rude to Decline
Ch. 24: Shuffling the Cards Once Again
Ch. 25: Unbearable to Remember
Ch. 26: Wordless Yearning
Ch. 27: Evening Evaluation in the Hall of Orchids
Ch. 28: Jadeite’s Sacrificial Stage
Ch. 29: False Feng, True Luan
Ch. 30: A Bloody Night of Crazed Emotions
Ch. 31: Insurrection of the Two Guangs
Ch. 32: Autumn Brings Many Troubles

Ch. 33: Enough Wealth for a Whole Nation
Ch. 34: Messy Complications
Ch. 35: The Variable Ninth Heaven
Ch. 36: Arranging an Ingenious Match
Ch. 37: Catching a Colossal Rat
Ch. 38: Throw a Peach, Get a Plum Back
Ch. 39: Overflowing with Hesitation
Ch. 40: Spring Arrives in the Imperial City
Ch. 41: A Secret in Bloom
Ch. 42: The Divinations of Lord Seventh
Ch. 43: Meeting to Inquire Once More
Ch. 44: Dispatching Troops for a Condemnation
Ch. 45: Heart Joyed by Thee
Ch. 46: Mountains Collapsing and Ground Splitting
Ch. 47: A Worldly Blizzard
Ch. 48: Reconciliation
Ch. 49: A Dead End Road
Ch. 50: The Surrounding Army Must Leave an Out
Ch. 51: Heroes of All Roads
Ch. 52: Something Out of Nothing
Ch. 53: Dream Stupor
Ch. 54: Blooming on the Other Shore
Ch. 55: Youthful Feelings
Ch. 56: Know the Monarch, Let the Monarch
Ch. 57: Ruined Temple in the Wilderness

[Book 3 – Watching Him Raise A Tall Building, Entertain Guests In It, Collapse It]

Ch. 58: Not Too Late for Retribution
Ch. 59: A Blossom Spring in the Outside World
Ch. 60: A Heart Like Dead Ashes
Ch. 61: The Conspiracy Exposed
Ch. 62: A Hero of Greatness
Ch. 63: Next-Door Neighbor
Ch. 64: The Emperor Leads the Army
Ch. 65: With a Gentleman All One’s Life
Ch. 66: Old Matters, Old Relations
Ch. 67: A Blood-Colored Night
Ch. 68: The Eternal Duty of Loyalty
Ch. 69: In the Red Muslin Canopy

[Final Book – The Song is Over, but the People Aren’t Leaving]

Ch. 70: Apart in Life and Death
Ch. 71: The Final Battle (1)
Ch. 72: The Final Battle (2)
Ch. 73: The Final Battle (3)
Ch. 74: The Final Battle (4)
Ch. 75: The Final Battle (5) [fake vers. due to bots. change ‘ls’ to ‘mn’ in the URL for the real one.]
Ch. 76: The Final Battle (End) [fake vers. due to bots. change ‘ls’ to ‘mn’ in the URL for the real one.]


Ex. 1: Persecuted by His Own Method
Ex. 2: Later On
Ex. 3: The Other Side of the Bridge of Helplessness