LS 63: Next-Door Neighbor

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Other thoughts arose in Jing Qi’s mind for none other than the sole reason of Helian Zhao’s righteously-spoken set of words in Court; first, he lauded Helian Pei’s military and literary skill, then urged this old man of his that couldn’t do goddamn anything to lead his troops into battle in person, putting it under the glorious name of remedying the army’s low morale.

Helian Zhao and Helian Pei one-hundred-percent resembled the concept of striving to accomplish extraordinary feats, actually looking like flesh and blood kin, which was rare. Whether it was Helian Zhao himself or the group of confidants under him, someone had managed to get the hint, resulting in Helian Pei getting flattered into arrogance.


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5 thoughts on “LS 63: Next-Door Neighbor

  1. honestly…it sounds like jq has depression, just that no one has identified it yet. glad that wx can take care of him tho!

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    • Yes, he does. All that scheming and immersing in the dying vat of the court has him tense and these things eating away his conscience aren’t great either. Which is why I hate HLY more. Because he keeps saying he cares about MC the most and ‘treasures’ him but actually does the opposite through his actions.


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