The Translation Graveyard

Burn thy paper money for the fallen. These translations are no longer available; ghosts of them might still be somewhere on the internet, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re deader than a doornail. This page is little more than trivia.

Qinglian Chronicles – My first translation attempt. I didn’t finish it.
I picked it up because I was intrigued by the nonbinary protagonist, a woman in a man’s body, but the execution was poor, the writing was lackluster, the story was all over the place, the flow was weird, and there was too much uncomfortable stuff. I was too embarrassed to have it around anymore.

Didn’t Know General Was Female – My second translation attempt. It went better, but this was still before I found my proper flow. The story itself was okay, inoffensive. I never felt that it deserved the effort of proofreading, finishing (I never translated the first two chapters), or being made into a PDF.
With the problematic potential launch of a certain website that will go unnamed, I realized that I neither would have the will to fight it being stolen, nor would want to see people profiting off of my stuff. So, I deleted it. It’s all gone.

Eastward Flow – My… fourth attempt, I think. I dropped it because the writing was good, but the pacing wasn’t. It took too long for anything to happen. Its fate was similar to DKGWF’s.