Dragon Drowned

CH: 龙君淹灭/Lóng Jūn Yān Miè
Author: Huang Zhifeng (that’s me)
Pairing: NB/F
Rating: Teen (body horror, swearing, discussion of mature subjects)
Genre: Shenmo
Status: Ongoing (on a bit of a hiatus while I work on The Snake and the Crane)

Santian – ‘scattered Heaven’ – is a continent still scarred by the Great Wrath, a catastrophic, worldwide war that wiped out the gods and changed the laws of nature itself in the process. Sectioned off from the rest of the world by nearly impenetrable barriers in the sea, and divided from its own pre-Wrath history by a mass destruction of knowledge, the land has nevertheless healed itself over a millennia, and none of its current inhabitants remember the trauma of those harsher times.

Even if they have forgotten, though, the land itself has not, hiding secrets of the past that should remain so, yet refuse.

Right under everyone’s noses, a once-great deity will rise up again.

Table of Contents

[Arc 1: The Erhu Player in the Ice Mausoleum]

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The Zhao family and Associates

Zhao Yi ♀ (兆熠)
Classifier: Human
A 13-year-old girl that has been able to hear ghosts since she was little. She’s more knowledgeable in the world than others her age, and also a bit more mature, if sarcastic at times.

Zhao Mao ♀ (兆茂)
Classifier: Human
Zhao Yi’s mother. Friends with Min Kaijing. A bit of a rough person.

Ji Wei ♂ (姬维)
Classifier: Human
Zhao Yi’s father. Gentler than his wife, though noticeably hostile towards Min Kaijing.

Hu Cihao ⚲ (胡赐豪)
Classifier: Revenant
Has memory problems.

Blackblood Manor and Associates

Min Kaijing ♀ (闵凯镜)
Classifier: Human with veinticks
Sword: Huijian (灰鉴), Gray Mirror
Manor Lord of Blackblood. She tends to not have respect for commonplace propriety, and also has a monster arm.

Classifier: Some sort of animal yao?
A weird, all-white person found in Everice, missing half of xer hun and po souls.

Jin Sheng ♂ (晋盛)
Classifier: Human with veinticks
An Elder of the Manor. Muscular. His face got messed up bad, so he wears a mask.

Guan Ti ♂ (管题)
Classifier: Human with veinticks
An Elder of the Manor. Not muscular. Also wears a mask.

Qu Pingbei (麴平北) ♀
Classifier: Human with veinticks
Resident expert on souls and soul-based things.

Zhang Piyou (张辟游)
Classifier: Human with veinticks
A bit neurotic and afraid of jing. Put on stable duty for the next decade.

Xunya ♂ (曛雅)
Classifier: Tianma
Min Kaijing’s trusty tianma steed. Fights her sometimes.

Ban Miedan ♀ (班篾丹)
Classifier: Human with veinticks
Manages paperwork when Min Kaijing’s away. Blunt. Her face can peel off, and no one likes it.

Tan Rou ♂ (潭葇)
Classifier: Human with veinticks
A scholarly, nervous crybaby. Has a treasure trove of dogs.

Sa Mu (萨木) ♀
Classifier: Human with veinticks
Resident gossip and information expert.

Diwu Ni (第五霓) ♀
Classifier: Human with veinticks

Liu Qianqian (柳千钱) ♀
Classifier: Human with veinticks


The Shining Emperor ♂ (崭星帝, lit. ‘high star emperor’)
Classifier: Human, formerly
The figurehead ruler of Santian, connecting point of all Guardians. He is not truly a ruler, since he has no free thoughts nor will, being a tool to operate a system that has a few simple, but effective rules: do not kill, and do not physically harm, else thy will be struck by lightning.
His origins are a mystery, as is why he essentially converted himself into a massive armed security system network.

Tang Guangpiao ♀ (唐广漂)
Classifier: Library jing
The Right Chancellor. Mainly oversees civil affairs and the pursuit of knowledge. She looks like a middle-aged lady, and is very weird.

Qiu Hanlin ♀ (仇寒凛)
Classifier: Fenghuang
The Left Chancellor. Mainly oversees military affairs. One of a very long line of Qiu Hanlins.


Huailu Cong ♀ (淮鲁聪)
Classifier: Human
The leader of the Reviver sect.

The Corpse Puppeteer ♂ (尸制者)
Forcefully controls corpses. Gives Revivers a bad name, despite not even being a Reviver.

Origin Names

散天 – Santian (scattered heaven)
黑血庄 – Blackblood Manor
尸醒门 – Reviver Sect
永冰山 – Everice Mountain
哦了茫饿 – Ole-Mang’e [not Chinese, Korean-based]
转 – Zhuan (change)
羽掉原/峰/寺 – Featherfall Plains/Peak/Temple
烟 – Yan (smoke)
星 – Xing (star)
蓝护像 – Guardian (lit. blue protecting statue)
脉蜱 – Veintick
蝶光 – Flutterlight (lit. butterfly lights)
飞骏 – Flysteed