Dragon Drowned

CH: 龙君淹灭/Lóng Jūn Yān Miè
Author: Huang Zhifeng (aka me, Chichi)
Pairing: NB/F
Rating: Teen (body horror, swearing, discussion of mature subjects)
Genre: Proto-cyberpunk xuanhuan
Status: Ongoing
Character Guide

Santian – ‘scattered Heaven’ – is a continent still scarred by the Great Wrath, a catastrophic, worldwide war that wiped out the gods and changed the laws of nature itself in the process. Sectioned off from the rest of the world by nearly impenetrable barriers in the sea, and divided from its own pre-Wrath history by a mass destruction of knowledge, the land has nevertheless healed itself over a millennia, and none of its current inhabitants remember the trauma of those harsher times.

Even without their memories, however, the land itself still hides many secrets in its crevices. An eternal, mysterious song with an unknown source leads to a nameless individual that ought to be dead, and he himself leads to a swift hunt for his misplaced souls. All the while, inexplicable tragedies and enigmas occur left and right at a much higher rate than they should be, an evil, unknowable presence wreaking terror upon the world at large.

When is the past ever really the past?

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Mystery Melody
Ch. 2: Cryptic Erhu
Ch. 3: Min Kaijing
Ch. 4: Midnight Kidnap
Ch. 5: Ice Mausoleum
Ch. 6: Yun Long
Ch. 7: Taken Again
Ch. 8: Truths Alight
Ch. 9: Xingjing
Ch. 10: Shining Palace
Ch. 11: Ancient History
Ch. 12: The Shining Emperor
Ch. 13: Featherfall Plains
Ch. 14: Godbird Temple
Ch. 15: Coming To
Ch. 16: A Divine Mystery