Dragon Drowned

CH: 龙君淹灭/Lóng Jūn Yān Miè
Author: Me
Pairing: NP
Rating: Teen (body horror, discussion of mature subjects)
Status: Ongoing
Character Guide

(This is a rough draft of an original work. Access to the chapters is permanently exclusive to ko-fi donors.)

A ragtag group consisting of a winged horse, an out-of-place revenant, and a ‘quarter-dead’ woman with a weird arm inadvertently end up setting off on a quest to recover some ancient artifacts, investigating the mysterious happenings that have recently gone on around said objects in the process.

Table of Contents

Prologue (public)
Ch. 1: Mystery Melody (public)
Ch. 2: Ice Mausoleum
Ch. 3: Xingjing
Ch. 4: The Shining Emperor
Ch. 5: Featherfall Temple