Faraway Wanderers

CH: 天涯客
Author: priest
Chapter total: 77 (+ 4 Extras)
Pairing: M/M
Rating: Teen (violence, body horror, discussion of mature subjects)

Note: I plan to do a full-version of this eventually. Doot dee doo.

Table of Contents

See NovelUpdates for ch. 1-67.
Ch. 68: Letting Go
Ch. 69: Returning
Ch. 70: The Eve
Ch. 71: Infighting
Ch. 72: Exposed
Ch. 73: The Rules
Ch. 74: War
Ch. 75: Finale (I)
Ch. 76: Finale (II)
Ch. 77: Finale (III)
Extra 1: On Changming
Extra 2: A Beloved, A Confidante
Extra 3: Last Life, This Life
Extra 4: Baiyi, Jianghu