Faraway Wanderers

Alt Titles: 天涯客, 山河令, Word of Honor, Tian Ya Ke
Author: priest
Chapter total: 77 (+ 5 Extras)
Pairing: M/M
Rating: Teen (violence, body horror, discussion of mature subjects)
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After growing weary of a blood life, Zhou Zishu, leader of the Heaven’s Pane intelligence agency that answers directly to the Emperor, hammered the Septeye Nails of Three Autumns into himself. With only three years of a ruine life left in him, he left the Court, then went down to jianghu to tour famous mountains and lakes. His former life of leisure and contentment, however, was swept up into a confusing jianghu war out of a momentary idea to accumulate virtue — he’s also being chased after and harassed by the beauty-loving Wen Kexing.

Table of Contents

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[Prologue – Departing the Imperial Court]

Ch. 1: Heaven’s Pane

[Book 1 – Wandering Jianghu, Carrying Wine as We Walk] (2-25)

Ch. 2: An Encounter
Ch. 3: An Abandoned Temple
Ch. 4: A Righteous Man
Ch. 5: Vile Wraiths
Ch. 6: A Beauty
Ch. 7: On the Road
Ch. 8: Moonlight
Ch. 9: In the Woods
Ch. 10: The Netherworld
Ch. 11: Underground Cave
Ch. 12: Illusion
Ch. 13: Exposed
Ch. 14: Escaping the Trap
Ch. 15: Restaurant
Ch. 16: Spirit Fox
Ch. 17: Beryl
Ch. 18: Dongting
Ch. 19: Night of Fire
Ch. 20: Red Clothes
Ch. 21: Venoms
Ch. 22: Sacred Hand
Ch. 23: A Tale
Ch. 24: Ghost Face
Ch. 25: White Clothes

[Book 2 – Once You Stop Singing, I’ll Go On Stage] (26-54)

Ch. 26: Lord Seventh
Ch. 27: Massacre
Ch. 28: The Ancient Monk
Ch. 29: Regretting Lateness
Ch. 30: Rainy Night
Ch. 31: Shedding the Shell
Ch. 32: Rong Xuan
Ch. 33: Wraith Lord
Ch. 34: Enchantress
Ch. 35: The Green Monster
Ch. 36: No Regrets
Ch. 37: A Farce
Ch. 38: A Pillaging
Ch. 39: An Escape
Ch. 40: Lord Seventh
Ch. 41: Hope
Ch. 42: A Giant Mess
Ch. 43: Rescue
Ch. 44: Shuzhong
Ch. 45: A Wish
Ch. 46: Bad Luck
Ch. 47: Marionettes
Ch. 48: Danger Zone
Ch. 49: Long Que
Ch. 50: The Key
Ch. 51: The Past

[Book 3 – In the End, It All Was For the Benefit of Others] (55-69)

Ch. 68: Letting Go
Ch. 69: Returning

[Book 4 – Seeing the End of Grace, Blame, Passion, Hatred]

Ch. 70: The Eve
Ch. 71: Infighting
Ch. 72: Exposed
Ch. 73: The Rules
Ch. 74: War
Ch. 75: Finale (I)
Ch. 76: Finale (II)
Ch. 77: Finale (III)


Ex. 1: On Changming
Ex. 2: A Beloved, A Confidante
Ex. 3: Last Life, This Life
Ex. 4: Baiyi, Jianghu

Character Guide
Minor spoilers ahead.

Main Characters

Zhou Zishu (周子舒) – The Protagonist
AKA: Zhou Xu (周絮)
Some jackass that’s now the protagonist.
Master of face-changing. Former leader of Heaven’s Pane and Lord of the Four Seasons Manor. See Lord Seventh for more details.

Wen Kexing (温客行) – A Good Person
AKA: Great Benefactor
A gay weirdo that keeps following Zhou Zishu. (He’s not weird because he’s gay. He’s weird because he’s weird.)


Gu Xiang (顾湘)
Wen Kexing’s follower.

Zhang Chengling (张成岭)
A boy whose entire family is dead.

The Ancient Monk (古僧)
He’s legendary. And old. Holds one piece of the Land Writ.

Grandmaster Cimu (慈睦大师)
Abbot of Shaolin. Holder of a Land Writ piece.

Feng Xiaofeng (封晓峰)
AKA: Lord of the Soil (地公)
Three feet tall and angry. Inseparable from Gaoshannu.

Gaoshannu (高山奴)
Seven feet tall and also angry.

Yu Qiufeng (于丘烽)
Mount Hua’s Sect Leader.

Ye Baiyi (叶白衣)
Dude eats a lot.

Hua Qingsong (华青松)
Mount Tai’s Sect Leader.

Gao Manor

Gao Chong (高崇)
One holder of the Land Writ.

Deng Kuan (邓宽)
Gao Chong’s eldest disciple.

Gao Xiaolian (高小怜)
Gao Chong’s daughter.

Purewind Sword Sect

Cao Weining (曹蔚宁)
A naive little bunny.

Mo Huaiyang (莫怀阳)
The Sect Leader.

Mo Huaikong (莫怀空)
Cao Weining’s sect-uncle.

Bad Guys

Sun Ding (孙鼎)
AKA: The Merry Funeral Wraith (喜丧鬼)
One of the Vile Wraiths. Uses the Rakshasa Strike.

Liu Qianqiao (柳千巧)
AKA: The Green Monster (绿妖)
A face-changer that kills a lot of people.


Zhang Yusen (张玉森)
Zhang Chengling’s father.

Xue Fang (薛方)
AKA: The Hanging Wraith (吊死鬼)
An ugly rapist that got what was coming to him.

Yu Tianjie (于天杰)
The Mount Hua Sect Leader’s only (dead) son.

Mu Yunge (穆云歌)
A (former) member of Cleftsword Manor.

Fang Buzhi (方不知)
AKA: The Nine-Clawed Fox Spirit (九爪灵狐)
Stole a piece of the Whorl Beryl, and now he is The Dead.

Wen Ruyu (温如玉)
AKA: The Sacred Hand (圣手), the Qiuming Sword (秋明剑)
Wen Kexing’s father.

Gu Miaomiao (谷妙妙)
Wen Kexing’s mother, youngest disciple of Healer Valley.

Qin Huaizhang (秦怀章)
Zhou Zishu’s teacher.

Shen Zhen (沈慎)
From Shuzhong. He didn’t last very long.


风崖山 – Windy Cliffs
青竹岭 – Green Bamboo Ridge
断剑山庄 – Cleftsword Manor
清风剑派 – Purewind Sword Sect
长明山 – Everbright Peak
巫医谷 – Shaman Valley (lit. valley of shamanic medicine)
神医谷 – Healer Valley (lit. valley of divine medicine)


琉璃甲 – Whorl Beryl
山河令 – Land Writ (as in, “the writ that summons the whole land”)
罗刹掌 – Rakshasa Strike
无际无痕 – Infinity Indefinite (lit. boundless and traceless)
毒蝎 – Venoms (lit. venomous scorpions)
阴阳册 – Yin-Yang Tome
六合神功 – Mental Arts of Six Harmonies