FW 71: Infighting

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Zhao Jing and his crew had already come to stand below Fengya Mountain at this pivotal moment. Gu Xiang’s group stole into another road like thieves, hiding behind a big rock. She, having grown up on the Mountain, was infinitely familiar with this route; she had picked out an excellent spot where they wouldn’t easily be found, yet could easily see everyone else’s positions.


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15 thoughts on “FW 71: Infighting

  1. Cao Weining or the definition of how to die stupid! I blame him entirely for what happens to Gu Xiang later on if they have the same fate as in the drama.

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  2. Finally caught up after reading for 3 days, I must say Chichi, commissioned or not, you sure end up translating novels sitting in my reading list due to irregular updates from GS, LS, FYC to FW. I wonder what project you’ll pick next?

    I have heard that other than your favorite author, it’s worth checking out the projects of your favorite translator since you most probably share similar tastes haha

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  3. thank you for the translation! I read the other parts of FW, then came here to read lord seventh, and came back to your translation and I felt that my entire understanding of this book is different lmao

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  4. thank you for translating!! your dedication to getting the chapters out so efficiently is greatly appreciated ❤


    • Zhang Chenglin, the abuser of heavenly artifacts 🤣

      I really hope Cao Weining won’t get himself killed.

      Thanks for the chapter!


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