For re-translating: As long as you’re not putting re-translations on some site that pays you or where you make others pay for early access/any access at all, I don’t care. Permission from me isn’t needed, though you should be clear about what you’re sourcing it on.
I do not accept links to re-translations due to chronic broken link issues.
If official translations in your language ever become available, do note that yours will have to be taken down, as is standard.

For bookbinding translations: If no official versions exist, then I have a neutral stance on this, with some caveats.
a) You have to be the one buying materials for and making the bound book. You cannot pay someone else to make it for you.
b) It must be a singular copy for personal use, not to be sold or produced en masse.
Essentially, it has to be a passion project you’re doing because you love the novel, not something someone else is profiting off of. Kinda like how the translations are to begin with, or how fanfic/fanart goes. Do remember to buy official physical copies (or at least digital) if they come to exist after the fact.

For translation/reading suggestions: I’m not taking them as of right now, but my ko-fi has a permanent suggestion thread.

EPUBs: I no longer make ones for translations to prevent possible impact on eBook sales, in light of Seven Seas getting rights to do so for MXTX’s stuff. If it isn’t in the EPUB Library, it’s no longer available. (Original works will still be thrown into EPUBs because who cares about me lol)

For joining whatever translation site you have: No.

For anyone else: Hi. I don’t peck.