For re-translating into other languages or joining such-and-such translation group: No. (Asking on Discord is not any more likely to make me say yes.)

Where is (insert work here)? All the posts are cut short, boohoohoooo: Not sure why you’re on a reading site when you skip text. Do you think those blurbs at the top of literally every post I have are junk text you can subconsciously skip over?

For translation/reading suggestions: I’m not taking them as of right now, but my ko-fi has a permanent suggestion thread. You can also talk about them on my Discord channel.

EPUBs: What’s on the sidebar is what’s available. No exceptions otherwise. There are tools for those hard of sight.

I am going to ignore this block of text and contact you about something easily findable on the site/already discussed here!: You’re getting your email deleted immediately, never to be responded to. I’m a busy bird, I don’t have time to be your custodian.

For anyone else: Despite my grumpiness above, I don’t peck much.