For re-translating into other languages or joining such-and-such translation group: No.

Where is (insert work here)? All the posts are cut short? The ellipsis no work?: Not sure why you’re on a reading site when you skip text. Do you think those blurbs at the top of literally every post I have are junk text you can subconsciously skip over?

For translation/reading suggestions: I’m not taking them as of right now, but my ko-fi has a permanent suggestion thread. You can also talk about them on my Discord channel.

EPUBs: What’s on the sidebar is what’s available. There are tools for those hard of sight. No exceptions will be made no matter what you tell me or what disability you might have, because I flat-out don’t know you and bad actors have resulted in no more being made public.

If your email/comment has gone a month without response, you’ve likely asked about something on this list and I’ve deleted it without response. Other than this, I don’t peck.