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All EPUBs and their translations were made with BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, A LOT OF LOVE, and A LOT OF LOST FEATHERS.
They are for educational, reference, accessibility, and non-commercial usage only, with the express purpose of appreciating the original author’s work, giving it more exposure overseas, and educating on Chinese culture. Selling is prohibited. Each one comes packaged with instructions on how to buy the original Chinese versions from jjwxc/changpei on their front pages.
DO. NOT. DISTRIBUTE. ELSEWHERE. Don’t upload these on asianovel, don’t put them on wattpad, don’t post the files themselves in Discord servers, don’t put them anywhere else, don’t make your own download links, and don’t link to any violators. There is absolutely no reason for all that. Link to this page so that I can keep an eye on their usage and make sure they’re being utilized in an individual, appropriate manner.
Please bring violators to my attention.

Otherwise, enjoy! I’m not a grumpy bird, I swear. There’s simply etiquette to be followed.

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The Beauty’s Blade by Feng Ren Zuo Shu – GL wuxia

blackbook EPUB: This version has more typo and consistency fixes than the online one.

Seasonal Chill: Getting to a Creed Lord the Wrong(est) Way by One Big Goose – BL wuxia comedy

blackbook EPUB
(AKA The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader, as NovelUpdates calls it)

Ancient Poem Compendium by various authors

blackbook EPUB: All dolled up compared to the online posts! Constantly-updated.

The Snake and the Crbae by ME

blackbook EPUB: Constantly-updated. Slightly less error-laden than the online version.