Original Short Stories

Non-translations and non-Chinese-related series/individual stories, written by me, Chichi.
These are not hosted on WordPress, but on Simily. Because I value transparency: I get two whole cents (2c) per unique Simily read on each of these stories. Click away, they’re free regardless.
An EPUB will be available for the stories once I have enough. Stay tuned~

Miss Scaratone (~1000 words, Genre: Mystery)
She comes every Sunday.

The Intentionally-Designed Creature (~1700 words, Genre: Experimental, literally)
Try drawing it. That’ll be fun.

Bitter Forever and Ever and Ever (~1500 words, Genre: Shitty Coffee)
A coffee machine that speaks for us all.

Lady in the Leaning Tree (~1200 words, Genre: Mystery, Horror, Experimental)
there she is there is she

A Brother’s Mirth (~600 words, Genre: Apocalypse)
Ha, ha, ha.