Chichi’s Compendium of Really Old Poems

Want to read centuries-old poems for some reason? I gotchu.
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Referenced in Golden Stage
Cold Food by Han Hong
Down to Jiangling by Li Bai
Exists There by Li Shangyin
Gazing for Jiangnan by Wen Tingyun
A Gift for Fan Ye by Lu Kai
The Governor of Yanmen Walks by Li He
Record of the Secluded Fragrance Pavilion by Huang Tingjian [rant, not poem]
Tang Ju Doesn’t Fail His Mission [tall tale, not poem]
Twelve Examples of Ruining the Scenery by Li Shangyin [admonishment, not poem]
A Lonely Orchid Grasped by Han Yu
Night at the Watchtower by Du Fu
A Setting Sun by Li Qingzhao
Seven Sorrowful Verses by Cao Zhi
Thoughts I by Zhang Jiuling
The Ugly Servant by Xin Qiji
To Where the Wormwood Is by Cao Cao

Referenced in Faraway Wanderers
Hearing a Flute on a Spring Night in Luoyang by Li Bai
For the Sorrow of the White-Haired Elder by Liu Xiyi
On a Cold Night, I Hear the Child, Xue Yangtao, Playing the Flute by Li Deyu
Imperial Flair · Grain Afar (no author known)
Catching Fish · Ballad of Geese Mound by Yuan Haowen
A Gift for Wang Lun by Li Bai
Cry of the Ospreys
Dawn in Spring by Meng Haoran
Song of Yishui by Jing Ke
Spring Passion by Xu Zaisi
Swallow Tower by Zhang Zhongsu
Feelings When Passing Through Huayin by Wu Weiye
Song of Xizhou
A Gorgeous Longing by Huang Jingren
Nanling Bids Farewell to its Children Gone to the Capital by Li Bai

Referenced in Fourteenth Year of Chenghua
Trusting Wu Deren and Choosing Chen Jichang by Su Shi
Song of the Four Vices
West Lake’s Play Shows Similar Wanderers by Ouyang Xiu
A Spring Night’s Joyous Rain by Du Fu
Ode to Fated Feelings by Po Qin

Referenced in Lord Seventh
New Year’s by Ouyang Xiu
Scholar Jia by Li Shangyin
Gazing Towards the Tide by Liu Yong
Rend the Formation by Li Yu
Worried Beauty by Li Yu
Order for the Central Plains to Take Up Arms by Song Lian [not really a poem]
Two Verses for Liangzhou by Wang Han
Waves Wash Away Sand by Bai Juyi

Citation of Rivers and Plum Blossoms, The World of the Living by Jiang Kui