The Snake and the Crane

CH: 承蛇蒙鹤/Chéng Shé Méng Hè
Author: Chichi (that’s me)
Pairing: M/M
Rating: T (graphic death, violence, dark themes)
Genre: Wuxia/low xuanhuan murder mystery
Status: Ongoing

The leader of a sect is supposedly poisoned with the unique venom of the scarlet banded snake, which are sometimes raised by the people of the Miasma Caves. Zhu Li, a traveling doctor, is the only known member of the Caves that travels abroad, and happened to be in the area – adding that onto the fact that he had a disagreement with the decedent, and everyone believed that they knew what had happened.

Herein lies the problem; Zhu Li didn’t do it. Not only did he not do it, but he had never spoken to the decedent, and didn’t possess any of the used venom. The evidence being used against him is flimsy to the point of ridiculous, and yet someone powerful is pushing his guilty verdict through, intent on seeing him dead.

Then, he is temporarily saved by someone he’s never met before, and things come to make even less sense.

Table of Contents

Prologue * 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9


Zhu Li (诸利)
The youngest child and only son of Miasma Caves’s Sect Head. Left home to be the sect’s sole traveling doctor, and did so without the approval of his family. Now, he’s been framed for murder.
Sword: Dusha (毒煞) – Poison Fiend

The Chu (楚) Family

Chu Ran (珃)
Bestowed: Kanqing (看清)/ Yingliu (映柳)
The eldest son of the Chu family’s main branch. Even with such a status, he is shrouded in mystery, to the point that he is virtually unknown outside of his own family. He’s also completely blind.

Chu Haoyu (楚豪欲)
Given: Ji (集)
The patriarch of the Chu’s. He’s had quite the poor health, lately.

Chu Fu (福)
The second Chu son. Quite concerned with face.

Chu Xu (蓿)
The third Chu daughter. She escaped the family and ran off to cultivate. Her fate and whereabouts are unknown.

Chu Yan (燕)
The fourth Chu son. Loves to eat, and tends to horf down his food.

Chu Mei (梅)
The fifth Chu daughter. Very young.

Du Lin (都琳)
The Chu matriarch. None of the children born came from her, but concubines.


Han Wenkang (翰文康)
The previous Blue Orchid Sect Head. Was murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Han Taisha (翰泰帹)
Han Wenkang’s daughter, current Blue Orchid Sect Head.

Han Xingyu (翰兴榆)
Han Wenkang’s younger sister. Travels abroad a lot, and is familiar with Zhu Li.

Zheng Tonghao (郑茼蒿)
Likes Zhu Li, but screwed up by not defending him.

Xin Junyan (鄩峻烟)
Given: Jiang (姜)
Chu Ran’s only sectmate that still has her sight.

Xin Yunzi (鄩昀子)
Chu Ran’s sectmate.

Xin Yinhui (鄩隐慧)
The old head of the Xin Sect, who’s been missing for years. Was blind, and the teacher/adopter of many of the members.


蓝兰宗 – Blue Orchid Sect
氛气窟 – Miasma Caves