Title – Chichi, Connoisseur of Fish, Glider of Skies, Translator of Shit
Full Name – Huang Zhifeng (皇织缝)
Species – Osprey
Gender – None
Pronouns – Use whatever
Local picky birdbrain reads and translates Chinese novels.


No MTL here. The only tools I use anymore are the CEDICT library and Google.
Works aren’t translated literally (they would read like trash, trust me), though I do try to keep idioms intact where they fit. I keep the author’s style as intact as I can. (For an example of how I personally like to write in contrast, see Dragon Drowned.)
I rather dislike footnotes because they interrupt the flow of the story, so I avoid them. I will link to articles about relevant concepts as they come up, because they can provide more details than I can summarize.
I avoid pinyin unless necessary. Several exceptions exist, of course, but you’re not going to see me throwing around terms like ‘shixiong’ or ‘dajie’ or ‘gongzi’.


Q. Would you like to join xx translation group and/or want an editor?
A. No.

Q. Is [insert novel here] a Bad Ending?
A. I never translate BE (unless it’s commissioned, and in those cases, I’ll put a warning).

Q. Can I re-translate xx work into xx language?
A. As long as your translation is as free as mine is, you don’t need my explicit permission to re-translate — unless it’s on a paid translation site like Asian Hobbyist/Foxaholic/Chrysanthemum Garden, then the answer is a big fat no. (I don’t care if people donate to you voluntarily; that’s their business.)
I would appreciate a link back to my own translation just so people know what you’re basing yours off of, and if you would send a link of your translation back to me so I can put that link on my blog.
You may also re-translate any character guides I make; they’re there for a reason.

Q. Why does your email say Lee, and not Chichi?
A. I have two online ‘avatars’. One is Chichi, the other is Lee. They share an email because there’s no point splitting them up.