Title – Chichi, Connoisseur of Fish, Glider of Skies, Translator of Shit
Full Name – Huang Zhifeng (皇织缝)
Species – Osprey
Gender/Pronouns – Not Applicable
Local picky birdbrain reads and translates Chinese novels.


Q. Would you like to join xx translation group and/or want an editor?
A. No.

Q. Is [insert novel here] a Bad Ending?
A. I never translate BE (unless it’s commissioned, and in those cases, I’ll put a warning).

Q. Can I re-translate xx work into xx language?
A. As long as your translation is as free as mine is, you don’t need my explicit permission to re-translate — unless it’s on a paid translation site like Asian Hobbyist/Foxaholic/Chrysanthemum Garden, then the answer is a big fat no. (I don’t care if people donate to you voluntarily; that’s their business.)
I would appreciate a link back to my own translation just so people know what you’re basing yours off of, and if you would send a link of your translation back to me so I can put that link on my blog.
You may also re-translate any character guides I make; they’re there for a reason.

Q. Why does your email say Lee, and not Chichi?
A. I have two online ‘avatars’. One is Chichi, the other is Lee. They share an email because there’s no point splitting them up.