Name – Chichi the Osprey
Full Pseudonym – Huang Zhifeng (皇支鳯)
Gender – None specified due to being a bird, all pronouns fine
Chichi’s the name, being a criminally sarcastic birdbrain with a pigment problem is my game.
I read and translate Chinese novels. Mostly BL, but I am most certainly open to other things.
I also write OEL danmei and baihe and such.
I never abandon the translations of things I don’t like. If I finish something, I liked it. End of story!


  • No MTL here. The only tools I use anymore are the CEDICT library and Google (the search engine, not Translate).
  • I try to keep idioms intact where they fit, and the author’s style as intact as I can across the language difference. Idioms should speak for themselves, or at least be nudged along with a little help.
  • I rather dislike footnotes because I think they can interrupt the flow of the story, so I avoid them unless there’s poem verses, or stuff that doesn’t have a good English source/any sources at all.
  • As opposed to footnotes, I will typically link to articles about relevant concepts as they come up, because they can provide more details than I can summarize. That’s the power of being online, baby.
  • I avoid pinyin unless necessary or fitting. Several exceptions exist, of course, but you’re not going to see me throwing around terms like ‘shixiong’ or ‘dajie’ or ‘gongzi’ when alternatives exist. I do this so that when I do decide to use pinyin, it sticks out more and is easier to remember.
  • I like puns, having fun with naming things, and thinking up my own terms as the situation presents. This gives some people ulcers, apparently. Have your ulcers, just don’t put them where I can see.