Golden Stage

CH: 黄金台
Author: Cang Wu Bin Bai (苍梧宾白)
Chapter total: 79 (+ 4 Extras)
Pairing: M/M
Rating: NC-17 (swearing, violence, murder, animal death, fantasy drug usage, alluded-to sex)
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Other languages: Indonesian, Turkish, BR Portuguese, Spanish, Russian

[There’s been some concern, so let me clarify: the term ‘Tartar’/’barbarian’ used in this novel refers to ancient Mongols from the generic region of Tartary, and has next to nothing to do with the Tatars of modern Turkey. If you’re Mongolian and reading this, though, uh… sorry. Ancient China wasn’t a fun or PC time.]

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Prologue (by penhappy)
Ch. 2: Returning to the Capital (by penhappy)
Ch. 3: Entering the Official Residence (by penhappy)
Ch. 4: Visiting a Patient (by penhappy)
Ch. 5: Devising Plans (by penhappy)
Ch. 6: Imperial Summons (by penhappy)
Ch. 7: Seeing Family
Ch. 8: Sanctioning Marriage
Ch. 9: Threaten By Force
Ch. 10: In Illness
Ch. 11: Scoping Out
Ch. 12: One Night
Ch. 13: A Visit Paid
Ch. 14: A Dream of Old
Ch. 15: A Quarrel
Ch. 16: Departing the Capital
Ch. 17: A Tour of Old
Ch. 18: Wild Boar
Ch. 19: The Cavern
Ch. 20: An Empty Valley
Ch. 21: Sandalwood Bow
Ch. 22: Rupture
Ch. 23: The Past
Ch. 24: Settling Accounts
Ch. 25: Holiday Gifts
Ch. 26: Getting Married
Ch. 27: A Disturbance
Ch. 28: An Interrogation
Ch. 29: Sharing a Pillow
Ch. 30: A Crack
Ch. 31: Blossom Lane
Ch. 32: A Private Conversation
Ch. 33: A Strange Drug
Ch. 34: Longevity Feast
Ch. 35: A Chat
Ch. 36: Heart’s Knot
Ch. 37: Slipped the Net
Ch. 38: A Dispute
Ch. 39: Old Hatred
Ch. 40: Holding Doubts
Ch. 41: Drinking Together
Ch. 42: Into the Hall
Ch. 43: Laid Bare
Ch. 44: A New Life
Ch. 45: Congratulating
Ch. 46: Shelter from Rain
Ch. 47: Thunderstrike
Ch. 48: A Soft Heart
Ch. 49: A Trap
Ch. 50: Healing Tonic
Ch. 51: Withdrawal
Ch. 52: Healing
Ch. 53: A Sacrifice
Ch. 54: Lake Water
Ch. 55: Tragic Ash
Ch. 56: Departure
Ch. 57: Longing
Ch. 58: Impermanence
Ch. 59: Heart-to-Heart
Ch. 60: An Alarming Change
Ch. 61: Staying or Going
Ch. 62: Fish Goose
Ch. 63: Cold Palace
Ch. 64: Reunited
Ch. 65: Scar
Ch. 66: Inner Demon
Ch. 67: North and South
Ch. 68: A Journey’s Dust
Ch. 69: Reversal
Ch. 70: New Year’s Eve
Ch. 71: A Moment
Ch. 72: Memorial Response
Ch. 73: Midnight
Ch. 74: No Sleep
Ch. 75: Murderous Will
Ch. 76: Edges Crossing
Ch. 77: Arising
Ch. 78 + 79: Epilogue
Extra 1: History
Extra 2: Everyday
Extra 3 + 4: Mod AU Sidestory
“Extra 5”: Weibo Exclusives