FW Extra 3: Last Life, This Life

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Some who had died would look back on their own lives and feel no worries. Their three hun and seven po souls would then vanish by over half, and they would follow Soulhook Envoys in a fog down Yellow Spring Road, forgetting as they walked it, not knowing what night it even was by the time they arrived at the Bridge of Helplessness. After that, they would pick up that bowl of forgetting brew, and their previous lives would be completely gone.


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27 thoughts on “FW Extra 3: Last Life, This Life

  1. 🤧 Ah these two, you make me cry out. But glad they can be lovers again in the next better life ❤️


  2. UWAHHHH!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!❤️❤️ Not only that it made me cry my eyeballs out but it also made me feel so single!!😭❤️ Many thanks to the author, advisor donor and translator!!!😭❤️❤️❤️


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