FW 74: War

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Wen Kexing watched him silently, gaze like an awl, as if he was about to pierce into his core. Lao Meng suddenly felt a little panicked, automatically going over all his own mental calculations from start to finish.

Rebellion. He hadn’t started planning for that only just recently, but for a long time beforehand. Back when Sun Ding and Xue Fang began to overtly and covertly fight, he had already started to scheme and prep. The Hanged Ghost pilfering the key, betraying the Valley, and leaving had practically been an opportunity given to him by the Heavens.


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16 thoughts on “FW 74: War

  1. You’re doing God’s work….thank you so so so much for taking this up. The translation is beautiful btw 🌈😊🥰

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  2. It seems the former valley Master did unspeakable things to Wen Kexing 😔
    It’s a Wonder he was able to protect Gu Xiang from that.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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      • The former Valley Master “appreciates” the young WKX… But how was never confirmed since Lao Meng and the others dared not ask…. They only knew that WKX was transferred to the Yama Hall, attending at the Master’s side… Until he finally snapped


  3. About 5 chapters (including extras) left and the story just keeps getting more exciting. Cant believe it will soon be over. Still have a lot of questions in my mind. Hopefully this will all be answered in the end. Tysm Chichi for your work 🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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