FW 7: On the Road

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Zhou Zishu rapped the teen’s sleeping acupoint, only fearing that he wouldn’t be able to wrap his head around all of this. To have him calm some, he didn’t use much force, so that after that weirdo Wen Kenxing walked in, he came to after not too long.

Upon opening his eyes, he stared mutely at the roof of the temple for a time, as if his soul had vacated his body. Prior to yesterday, he had still been the Zhang’s Young Lord, loved and lauded by all — even if his studies teacher would shake his head and say that he was a misbehaving brat, a wall of dirt that couldn’t be painted, even if his martial teacher would unfaithfully nod in his presence, while thinking that he was hopeless mud that couldn’t stick to any wall — and his life had been plenty happy.


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