FW Extra 1: On Changming

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Changming Mountain was coated in snow the year round. Upon looking all around, everything would be a vast white, like misty clouds beneath the feet. In the environs was a couple of tiny thatched huts and one small courtyard, resembling a place that an immortal would live apart from the world.

Lord Seventh was currently warming up wine.


The translator says: or you could just be a REAL MAN and take that DICK up your ASS

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29 thoughts on “FW Extra 1: On Changming

  1. Lol. Your translations and especially comments are literally the best!!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to translate all these novels. I just finished
    binge-reading Lord Seventh and FW after having watched the drama.

    Regarding your comment – I feel like WKX would mind so much but rather that A-Xu would lack the courage/ motivation/ inclination (?) to go through with it? Seeing how obsessed WKX has been with him from the beginning, and telling him he could do anything with him, would he really be stopped from consummating his obsession and love by a question of position?


  2. This whole chapter was so, so sweet! I really love this couples dynamic. They flirt by playful bickering and fighting. They are both tough and formidable, and so a very good match for each other. WKX is the more dramatic, and ZZS the more serious. But ZZS can’t help giving in to him.

    Not that top or bottom really matters in the end, I don’t care either way personally, but I had been seeing WKX as being more submissive myself, at least when it comes to his Ah-Xu. But the outcome of this end scene really fit well for me lol. He may have topped but he had to get it by crying 😂😭I feel like if WKX were in a better mood ZZS could take over, right now he gave in to comfort WKX. They’re a good switch couple IMO. That’s why I love them, the constant back and forth 😂

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  3. Thx for translating ❤ I just don't get one part near the end:
    "As soon as he moved, Zhou Zishu came to. He felt like every single…" They woke up after doing it, but why there is as soon as he moved, he came too? What is meant here?


    • ‘He came to’, means that he woke up, not whatever you’re thinking. Get your head out of the gutter! XD


      • Haha no I didn’t thought about that xD But the tanslation didn’t made any sense to me.


    • @Sandra… Based on what I understood
      1. They woke up later that day. With WKX waking up first to look at ZZS.
      2. (as soon as he moved)Because WKX moved, (he came to) ZZS woke up as well and realized he was feeling wrong (as expected lol)


  4. he thought, _But… every time I want to do this from now on… will I have to put on a crying act?_

    _That seems… like a bit too much of a tragedy._

    I can’t—ah🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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    • The ending is hilarious. The fact that WKX mentioned everytime he wanted to do the act he had to be helpless and pitiful

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  5. but another cause stemmed from an issue that needed to be settled urgently — the outcome was not yet determined, the top and the bottom not for certain, and both of them had fires in their hearts that could only be vented as they quibbled.

    Hahaha just like I expected! ZZS for the later half had behaved like a gong that made me wavered, who is the gong and who is the shou? Turns out, the gong was settled by selling misery 😂. Well a soft heart is better than soft waist after all. It is wondrous and yet tragic when both qualities are in the same person indeed lol.

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  6. I guess the author and I really disagree here. I was reading ZZS as a very demanding bottom for, IDK, the last half of the story XD

    I guess I just figured the spymaster has seen to much to be ashamed of what he wants, and has been around too long to quibble over ‘assigned roles’, especially after casually drawing all that porn for the Scorpions. I was kinda looking forward to WKX being totally unprepared for what he’s like when he actually lets his guard down. OH WELL THAT’S WHY FANFIC EXISTS

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    • Agreed! ZZS as a power bottom and WKX as a soft top, that’s how I thought they’d be lol. Drop some recs for fanfics maybe…? Hehe


      • I thought so too, that WKZ would be baffled by how dominating ZZS could be.
        I personally did see him (WKZ) more as a Power bottom, but I think I can life with soft top, too.
        Id like some fanfic recommention as well!


  7. Oh My God !!! Sending extra love for that UTTERLY BRILLIANT translator’s comment !!!! Too good !!

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  8. Hahahaha, the last part,🤭🤭😏😏
    WKX need to act sad is nightmare, but he will do it eventually to get what he want 😅😅😅

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  9. Lmao chichi your translator comment made me spit out my morning coffee! They would make the perfect switch couple. Thanks for the update. Love this extra chapter.


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