FW 1: Heaven’s Pane

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This isn’t the full version; see the ToC for the Google Docs. Ellipsis […] at the end means it’s unfinished. These NU posts are for feed purposes.

The timeline on this work is going to be confusing. I did the end before I did the beginning (which I will never do again because it’s unfun), so when you get to chapter 68 and think, “Um, what’s with the dates?”, or look on NovelUpdates and think, “Uh, why did it go straight from 67 to Extra 5?”, don’t worry about it. It’s fine. Really.

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The courtyard’s plum blossoms bloomed the branches full, falling to coat the ground, spread over the remnant snow yet to be cleaned away. At first glance, one couldn’t directly tell where the snow ended and the flowers began, the subdued fragrance wafting when the wind rose, circulating the entire yard.

Beneath dusk’s curtain, the moon above the eaves shone as coldly as water.


ToC and Character Guide | Next

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