LS 62: A Hero of Greatness

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Jing Qi’s mood had been awful the whole day. He was awfully fatigued, and slept unsteadily. As soon as he closed his eyes, they would be full of chaotic dreams, in the yang world one minute and the yin world the next. Upon awakening, he only felt dizzy, and couldn’t remember what he had just been dreaming of.

For that reason, he woke up at once from Ping An’s light push.


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20 thoughts on “LS 62: A Hero of Greatness

  1. man i feel bad for ljx, he has every right to be upset at them even if they didnt have another choice or whatnot?? like if someone killed people i cared about and said its because “its better than having to __________” it would probably make me hate them more lmao, like.. messy. very messy

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍 This is why I never liked HLY to begin with. Nothing is as important as his throne to him. Ambition has driven him to completely ignore his conscience. It was always hinted at and shown through his actions. If he can even order the death of JBY after everything he has done for him, then we can imagine how truly callous he is as a person. To him, it is just an order. The life and death of a family is nothing compared to his interests. If he left Jiang Xue as JBY’s goddaughter, it is a loose end so he can’t spare her. And I think people forget that ZZ & JBY can’t even advise HLY against it! If they try going against his orders, they wouldn’t be reused. They are his minions. So they have to be careful how they speak. Even though HLY behaves chummy, HLY’s orders are supreme. So, it’s because of HLY that ZZ & JBY had to throw away their conscience. Truly though, this wasn’t planned. They tried to dissuade Sir Jiang from being reckless but he didn’t listen and Xioa Xue had to pay the price for that. The moment Sir Jiang ‘rebelled’ against the Emperor, his family was doomed. If anyone is truly to be blamed, it is because of that disgusting Helian Pei.

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  3. now i’m just sad because liang juxiao is sad, but for emperors to get to their position there’ll always be bloodshed, and the people loyal to them will always commit what to others are attrocities. after reading novels with politics for some time i see this is very common and it also asks the question to what we and common people would do in that situation, they’d say they’d do better but the truth is that there’s things where there’s simply not a good choice to make, going with the less worse is the best. are they good or bad? they’re humans who do bad things that won’t let them sleep, i like stories with characters like this. also we can’t compare this to how we’d act irl, that’s what’s interesting about fiction

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  4. Monarchy is messy, for people to rest and be at peace, something must be sacrifice. There is no such thing as free lunch even if you don’t want it. For the mass to be safeguarded couple of people should be eliminated. You cannot have everything. In this case where it the 1st son, the 2nd and crown prince have their own mess and flaw. They just have to choose the lesser evil.

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  5. You have to understand that from the beginning the carriage is; 1, from which you cannot jump … 2, one to which physics or mechanics do not apply.
    the main fact will always be that the carriage is heading to the cliff, that people are inside it and that The options are divided between doing something regardless of the result or don’t even trying. There are no more options like jumping from the cart, letting go of the rope, kill the horse..

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  6. The wild horse is second prince(I think). We can’t unhitch or think other ways because our master the dammed crown prince told us to follow this plan. But I know it’s an excuse. Choosing between murder and murder. It’s not justificable but it was a death game from the start. RIP jing qi’s conscience(crown prince) dog ate it. But it dosen’t mean it dosen’t hurt. Yes it’s alive still. If Jing qi was in crown prince’s place he would’ve thought of a different way. Conclusion: I hate him. Thank you.

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  7. It isn’t the same as the carriage scenario. Their choice wasn’t one or the other – they just chose what was easy, and it’s disgusting. Only Jiuxiao’s head is in the right place.

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  8. It is old school monarchy with race for the throne. Rulers kill their own childs, concubines poison their stepkids and brothers kill each others and/or comit patricid. Why make you think everybody else is off the menue? Monarchy is like a very messy omelette😏

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  9. This is not the first time this conumdrum has been asked in philosophy: if you were driving a train with many lives and it was heading toward a broken bridge. The only way to save them would be to change tracks but there is a baby laying across them, would you? The speed the train is running means that people can jump but to their death, and using brakes or shut down the all system won’t change a thing because the momentum created means there is no enought time and distance left before catastroph occure. Whatever the driver decide lives will be destroyed. Later, bystanders will pounder, judge, criticized and condemn as to how the situation came down to this point. They will find someone to blame. But though he did not created the situation, the driver still has to deal with what was given to him at this moment.

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  10. Sigh. It’s basically just the option of choosing between worse and worst. Buuuuut…. in my opinion, if the leader can’t find a slightly better solution, then he is either a bad rotten leader or one who is an incapable leader. And they don’t deserve their people’s respects.

    Is mass killing the Jiang family the only option to frame the second scion?… I highly doubt it. It’s just easier to to.
    But a good leader/ ruler should try to do it like the Yunmeng Jiang’s motto : Try to achieve the impossible.

    Crown Prince, I’m really.. really dissapointed in you 😢

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    • Pei… even Wei Wuxian, the embodiment of ‘try to achieve the impossible’ was deemed to die a horrible death, he even brought disaster to Yunmeng Jiang

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  11. ‘Unhitching the horse’ is probably not an option bc it’s not possible. You’d have to crawl forward until you’re at least half on the horse’s behind to unlock the chassis holding the horse and that’s nearly impossible when on a wildly moving carriage without falling off – if I’m right about the structur of the chassis, that is. It’s like sitting in a car without brakes and trying to remove the motor.
    Jumping off ain’t an option either bc while you yourself can probably do it, it’s not safe. The other passengers might either still die bc of an unlucky fall or not be able to jump. So it’s not a option in which everyone can certainly survive.

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  12. There is also the option of jumping off the carriage, no? But I totally understand Jing Qi’s position.
    Too bad the emperor is an incompetent man. If he was better, things wouldn’t be this messy.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  13. Re T/n – maybe even if the horse was unhitched, carriage still roll forward due to momentum? Hmm. Sigh. I wouldn’t like to live the lives of JQ nor ZZS. Would Happily follow WX!! 💝🥰💓

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    • Okay… in my opinion this is

      “You can’t save everyone, so save the people you can. ”

      let’s take a refrence from a different novel that I’m sure majority of us has read, yes?

      Heaven officially blessing (tgcf)

      Xie Lian wanted to save everyone, but by doing that he ended up killing his own people and messing up the order

      What I’m trying to say here is, you can’t save everyone.. it’s best to save the people you can save at most. Like Jing Qi example, 8 people in the carriage, 1 person in the road

      If he decided to take all 8 people and fall off the cliff, he would of been consider killing people to save another, if he swerved the carriage, he would of still killed that person, and saving the 8 people. So he’s still killing someone.

      In my rightful opinion, I find this as a trick question, cause either way you’re killing someone.. in the process, in conclusion no one is truly good or evil, we’ve all sinned some more than other at that!
      Yes, this may seem horrible and hateful
      But sometimes you gotta save your own skin..

      Also fuck this monarch family, they’re all messed up in the head.

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