LS 61: The Conspiracy Exposed

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Jing Qi didn’t return to his Estate until it was very late. After lying down next to that small mountain stream, he had unwittingly fallen asleep, then woken up a lot more relaxed. Though, once he remembered that he had to go back to the Estate, he immediately started to feel depressed again.

The capital… truly was an oppressive place.

He rode his horse back slowly, starting to ponder the issue of how he was going to accomplish retreating from here.


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12 thoughts on “LS 61: The Conspiracy Exposed

  1. I can see here that MC is just human too. He made a mistake letting JX go to SQL’s place. Or he just couldn’t care anymore. After 6 lifetimes of suffering and spending 10 years treading carefully, faced with the death of a child he couldn’t save and the betrayal of his close servant, it is no wonder that he couldn’t make clear judgments. There are consequences for letting him go to SQL’s under such circumstances.

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  2. daaaaaamn, everyone is so fucked up here, power makes people do the worst things, i hope it’s worth it.

    Liang Jiuxiao found himself to be scarily calm. “Brother, you’ve been bewitched by an authority figure and can’t see clearly. The Crown Prince is someone that’s benevolent and virtuous on the surface; one moment, he’s close and indulgent to someone, but the next, he could do… something as vicious as this. You’re all being taken advantage of by him without knowing it! If you keep going on like this, you won’t have a good ending! You need to wake up!”

    helian yi i can’t defend you anymore he’s right

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  3. Zishu has his reasons for following the crown prince. And even Jing Qi knows that. He once said in Tian ya ke that Zishu arranged Jiuxiao future and the brat was ungrateful. If you live in that word it would be a choice between your loyalty or your life and the life of those you cared for. Poor Axu

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  4. JQ drugging LJX to sleep is that he could save LJX at the least from HLY and ZZS. If LJX was there protecting the Jiang family, LJX might get killed. Thus he drugged him, and ZZS wanted JQ to drug LJX too to keep LJX out of the harm’s way, since ZZS HLY would definitely kill LJX perchance LJX would’ve been present protecting the Jiangs

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  5. Interests are the rock on which the strongest principles are shattered😞😭
    Dogs leave when they’re full and gasp when they’re hungry،And the lord of
    this dogs is the crown prince 😒

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  6. I feel a little better knowing that Jing Qi tried to save that little girl when he wanted to adopt her. I didn’t understand that before. 🤔🤭

    I have no words for crown prince. 🤕

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