LS 47: A Worldly Blizzard

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Helian Qi had been feeling unhappy recently. Ever since the scourge that was Prince Nan’ning ― Jing Beiyuan ― had come back from the Guangs, he had been unhappy.

In particular, whenever he bumped into him in Court on occasion, the way Jing Qi would peer at him with a fake smile while giving him respectful well-wishes painfully stuffed up his chest.

He hadn’t thought so before, but, thinking back after a reminder from Daoist Li, it seemed like all the very many events that had happened behind the scenes were the doings of this young Prince.


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11 thoughts on “LS 47: A Worldly Blizzard

  1. im officially scared of helian qi.. that “pretty boy” he was with seemed like a young teen as well, not just 16 or 17 which would be *slightly* better. also i read the last bits wrong and though that wu xi was making a snowman?? if only


  2. There’s a novel for Zhou Zishu, titled Faraway Wanderers. It is as ZZS said, If one wanted to accomplish first-rate deeds, they had to be first-rate cruel — cruel towards others, and even crueler towards themself… i am crying at this. He’s really, really cruel to himself. And in the drama… huhuhu. Can’t say anything more.

    The outline of his features was distinct and profound, and his nose was tall and straight; he could be described as handsome, despite those abnormally thin lips. There was a saying that people with thin lips had thin emotions; decent at origin, they were the utmost of clear-headed, and the utmost of unfeeling, in the world.

    Thin lips… Zhang Ze Han is definitely the perfect Zhou Zishu!

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    • if Zhou Zi Shu is only “could be described as handsome,” then Zhang Zhe Han was too way over the top handsome for this role.


  3. Ahh…one puzzle solved. I was wondering how ZZ stood back and let JQ be implicated in their 1st lifetime if he was a righteous hero like his sect-brother said.


  4. The Snow warmed Jing Qi’s heart… How ironic. Or Wu Xi knows how to move him.

    Zhou Zishu can be this evil? But in a war, everyone could be a victim.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Zishu – omg. 🤭😳🤕
    JQ heart 💓 warmed ??!! Can’t wait for next update. Thank you so much 🙏💜🌹


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