LS 48: Reconciliation

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Looking at him deeply, Wu Xi shook his head. “No need. I’ll leave.”

Jing Qi’s brows lightly scrunched, which Wu Xi noticed. “Don’t frown,” he said softly. “If you don’t want me to, I won’t show up before you much. I—“

Jing Qi sighed, grabbing his wrist. “Come with me.”


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11 thoughts on “LS 48: Reconciliation

  1. Flashes back to when MC mulls over whether he was subjected to all that suffering because he is a terrible person. I understand him now.


  2. it’s so painful to see that poor boy. he just entered the city for ylthe imperial exam and this suddenly happened to him. i actually feel uncomfortable that jing qi and a-xu have to deal with helian qi this way


  3. Wow that was intense. I think I am bit shocked that JQ still is so oblivious to others sufferring, it’s really like they are co-murderers. They just stood and watched and want to take advantage now. I did expect that from ZZ and obviously from HJ, but somehow I hoped JQ would reconsider. Take other path than last time. Well. I don’t like justifying cruelty with higher stakes. Its the first time I am really dissapointed in JQ. He seems to never learn…humanity? He was supposed to not dive into all that dirt again, but seems its his nature. Wow. I think it really got to me….Still thank you for the chapter and for your work.

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  4. Thank you so much for the chapter. I can’t deal with the suffering and death of that innocent boy. I just want to remember the heart warming emotions for WX because he deserves it so. 😍💓💓🌻🌹

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  5. We knew the Zhang boy wouldn’t have an easy life next to Helian Qi… but I didn’t think it’d go this far. That man is seriously a beast. He deserves all the worst. As for Zhou Zishu and Jing Qi… I hope their consciences will be merciless with them.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    • oh don’t worry about conscience. Zishu has his own novel and there you realise that rather than a cruel cold blooded killer, hes a good man with a lot of mental burdens. he matures a lot and after a time you realise just how much this whole court stuff damaged him.

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