LS 46: Mountains Collapsing and Ground Splitting

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“One of charming words flatters to portray loyalty. One of ingratiating words quotes from scriptures to portray wisdom. One of just words abandons qualms to portray bravery. One of worrying words presents stratagems to garner trust. One of quiet words―”[1]

“Master.” Ping An was obliged to speak up and cut him off. Jing Qi had been holed up in his bedroom all day long, leaning against the headboard as he sat with an old book in his hands. The interior of the room was cozy warm, even making one a bit drowsy, as well. Both of the eyes of young maid waiting in attendance nearby were already about to slide closed. Ping An was standing to the side, neither leaving nor staying.


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10 thoughts on “LS 46: Mountains Collapsing and Ground Splitting

  1. someone saved jby from all these hopeless romantics, hes gonna die if he keeps being yelled at for not liking people back. feel bad for wu xi because jby rejected him, but he should know him well enough to know that he shouldnt barge in and yell at him and expect it to go over well (especially after what he said the night before?)

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  2. For some reason, I just felt like laughing at this development. Like, I know Wu Xi is distraught rn and MC has a headache but all of this is so funny somehow. For ex, MC worked so hard to be a washed-out piece of rag and here comes a pure boi treating it as a treasure. I’m sure a major part of MC is very confused about how someone can like him so purely while he damaged his image so thoroughly.

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  3. Wanna mtl it so bad but considering it is an ancient Chinese novel there will be so much word that I won’t be able to understand at all. 😧😧😧 Maybe I should start learning Chinese.

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    • I really like this approach to Wu Xi’s unrequited love. Not that I want to see him suffer, but It’s too abrupt for Jing Qi. He must be pursued little by little, seduced, not forced to accept a love he didn’t expect. Wu Xi was his only friend, and now he knows the other had ‘impure’ intentions towards him. JQ needs time to meditate and change his mindset to be willing to open his heart.

      Thanks for the chapter!

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