LS 39: Overflowing with Hesitation

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Wu Xi was not an especially chatty person. Most of the time, someone else would be doing the talking, and he the listening. Regardless of whether he was absorbing what he heard or not, the majority of his responses were brief questions, or nods and shakes of the head. After getting to know him for a long time, though, Jing Qi found out that his expressions from when he was actually listening versus casually skimping were unalike.

During others’ nonsense talk, Wu Xi’s eyes would generally be looking downwards, half-hooded and motionless, making it hard for him to time his nods with precision. When he was seriously listening, though, his eyes were fixed directly onto the other party, as if he never wanted to blink.


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6 thoughts on “LS 39: Overflowing with Hesitation

  1. “At times, he would abruptly want a son just like Wu Xi”

    Wu Xi: I want him as my wife
    JBY: I want him as my son~


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  2. Thanks for the chapter☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    Please Please continue your creativity❗
    I yearn for the next😭💖😭💔😭💘😭❤😭💙😭💝😭💓😭💟😭💜😭💞😭


  3. Just doing your job correctly make others suspicious about you? Aish, Helian Pei, you’re trash.

    Hehehe. Wu Xi won’t allow anyone else on Jing Qi’s bed, even If It’s for a moment.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Ohhhh oof so Helian Pei is suspicious of Jing Beiyuan now…

    Poor shidi 😥 Wu Xi you gotta go easy on the boy

    Thank you for the chapter!!! ^^


  5. WX you are hilarious 😂 Good for you, protecting wife though!😛💝🥰💜🙏🌻
    Thank you so much for the update. Look forward to them each day 🙏

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