LS 40: Spring Arrives in the Imperial City

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Spring in the imperial city exhaled soundlessly, the bitter cold still present, yet faintly collapsing. The spring’s chill would abruptly turn to warm, then back to cold again, like both were scouting out with advances and retreats.

Jing Qi emerged from the throne room, face gone apathetic, and rode the palanquin straight back to the Estate.


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12 thoughts on “LS 40: Spring Arrives in the Imperial City

  1. i feel bad for hly ngl, like.. hes not very happy. im glad that jby has wx though, i definitely think he is better for him than hly!! but still, hly never had much of a choice about who he loves in the public eye since hes the crown prince.. if he loves anybody who isnt a respectable, “worthy” woman he would be destroyed


  2. Every time I see Wu Xi being so sincere and then I see HLY have love on his lips but keeps banging a stand-in, I feel like I’ve eaten a fly.🤢


  3. i’m just glad that jing qi no longer has any lingering feelings for helian yi anymore and would rather run far away from him to protect his heart. he deserved to have a life completely different from what he had experienced on his past lives. he deserved to be sincerely treasured!

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  4. there is an anecdote in my culture that records that a woman kept placing an earthen pail of water on a certain rock. overtime eventually, The Earther Pail was able to erode a space for itself to sit comfortably on.
    Meaning that patience and perseverance can erode even the toughest of rocks. right

    I love Wu Xi playing the Long game. he’ll get his man.
    Also, I just wanna get Beiyuan away from Helian Yi, as fast as possible

    Thank you for the translation!!!

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!!

    Oh man, for a hot second I was TERRIFIED JBY was gonna give HLY the ring hhhhhhh

    huh, so this is where the friendship with HLZ ends eh

    Wu Xi’s playin the long game Axinlai don’t you worry uwu

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