LS 35: The Variable Ninth Heaven

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In the midst of imminent peril, Jing Qi nevertheless moved to the side with exceptional dexterity, critically dodging her. Miss Jiu’s slim, jade finger held a knife, its edge swiping across the hem of his clothes and slicing open a shallow cut on them.

Her hit not landing, she turned her hand and swept it horizontally out, straight for his middle. He quickly drew three steps back to evade it, but the other’s killing move came at him again.


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8 thoughts on “LS 35: The Variable Ninth Heaven

  1. wu xi just saved jing qi’s life without being there personally. and that straightforward admission of his feelings in front of his servants is so adorable!!!


    Liang Jiuxiao I already love you,,,,,,,,,,,

    this’ll make rereading tyk more interesting for sure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  3. I don’t want to imagine what’d have happened if Wu Xi hadn’t give those things to Jing Qi!!
    Ohhh, a new character!! He seems a little dumb, but cute.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Liang Jiuxiao is cute and seems to be very loyal, he truly looks like a likeable character.
    Ay, Jing Qi got saved by his husba… I mean friend’s gift uwu
    Thanks for the chapter!!!! ^^
    Have a nice day!!


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