LS 53: Dream Stupor

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Truthfully speaking, Jing Qi liked Wu Xi’s courtyard — it had many entertaining and novel things, and he used to frequently drop by here to mooch food. Yet, ever since that time Wu Xi drank too much and hugged him while blubbering, he harbored something of a grudge.

He had always previously taken Wu Xi as an obstinate and ignorant child. Never had he thought that the other would get an inclination like this after such a long time. Once the chaos in his heart passed, he decided to cut the tangled knot and simply refuse to meet up henceforth, intending to wait for him to get older and think more about things. The charming, unrealistic notion he had during his youth should have diluted by then.


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15 thoughts on “LS 53: Dream Stupor

  1. Hahahaha. He turned green and white. He feels regret. A person like him who was so self-disciplined did something like this. I think it was out of his own expectations too. There’s no excuse for it. But I do feel like laughing at him. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍

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  2. Oh thank God Wu Xi stopped… But still, that loss of control is no excuse… Love love Chichi-san’s comments thank you for the translation!!

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    • pls wu xi i cannot continue being an apologist for you non-con is a no-go bb you need to stop 🛑😔 rly though love you chichi i’ll supply you with vases 🏺👋

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  3. Wu Xi… baby… I love you, you are my son… but that is precisely why I wl whack you for this… I am a wholeass apologist for you but NO… baby NO…

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  4. thankfully Wu Xi has a conscious and won’t do anything to Beiyuan without his consennt.


  5. Wu Xi is too wild. If Jing Qi Knew of all Wu Xi’s thoughts (and actions) he’d get away from him for good. Fortunately Wu Xi can restrain himself a little bit.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. Translator: you are so funny. Love your personal note! I’ll bet, you almost had a heart attack translating that part!!! I didn’t take that part seriously, it was actually funny for me. Don’t ask me why and NO I do not approve of ‘touching People while they are asleep’. 😂😂😂🌹🌹🌹🤭🤭🤭

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