LS 54: Blooming on the Other Shore

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By the time Jing Qi woke from the bizarre, kaleidoscopic dreamland of the drug’s effects, the sky outside was already entirely black. Only one dusky lantern was shining in the corner of the room. A teen quietly sat there holding a book up, looking like he hadn’t moved for a very long time.

Wu Xi promptly detected the change in his breathing, of course, and lifted his head to look at him. “You accidentally inhaled a bit of a knockout drug,” he whispered. “The antidote was fed to you. There’s no headache now, right?” It wasn’t clear whether it was Jing Qi’s misconception or what, but he overall felt that Wu Xi’s attitude seemed to have changed a little, being somewhat too unnaturally estranged.


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7 thoughts on “LS 54: Blooming on the Other Shore

  1. Coming to read this after watching Word of Honor and knowing Liang Jiuxiao’s fate all along….


  2. Thank you for the chapter❤
    I hate kids😑
    I am disappointed I was looking for the dream content💔


  3. The girls is so sweet!!!
    It’s sad that the emperor ended up to the the point where he prefers to see Jing Qi than his own sons, because either they’re coveting the throne, scheming or disappointing him…

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    Liked by 3 people

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