LS 55: Youthful Feelings

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The Crown Consort had a pregnancy prior, but it was lost in a month. She had wept within an inch of her life, but Helian Yi didn’t have deep feelings about it, just some pity. Su Qingluan had always been squeaky clean, a bowl of medicine saving a lot of inconvenience… for that reason, he had never had his own offspring. Seeing such a chubby little girl reaching out to him and watching him impatiently, he first stood in place expressionlessly for a minute, following which he slowly stooped over, put his hands under the little lady’s armpits, then picked her up off the ground.

Only when he lifted her did he realize something was off. The girl was plump, not a single space on her that wasn’t soft, and carried the scent of milk, like she had no bones; he thus became slightly unsure of where to puts his limbs and what he ought to do next. Jiang Xue wasn’t shy with strangers, though, and giggled happily as she threw herself into his arms, all her spit wiping off onto his shoulder.


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20 thoughts on “LS 55: Youthful Feelings

  1. wu xi why are you jealous of a 4 year old.. also smh someone needs to tell people to stop calling jing qi a wife when hes.. a husband. justice for jing qi


  2. Wu Xi what are you arguing with a 4 year old for? Oh my god I can’t wait for the Helian’s reaction more so than Jing Qi’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. taizi helian yi? no thanks 🥰

    forthright xiao wuwu? silly boy 🥰

    little lesbian jiang xue? most important character in the book 🥰


  4. im dying Wu Xi basically declared his love for Beiyuan to the world. that 4 year old will most likely tell all the guards at her house.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Honestly, I didn’t like the child. The only thing I liked in the class was Wuxi’s words too. I didn’t understand what was mentioned. First of all, did Su Qingluan poison the child?


  6. The baby girl is so precious!!!! You can’t take Jing Qi as a wife!! Else Wu Xi will get upset… She is so smart and cute >.<
    That girl… Who does she think she is? Ji Xiang, I tough you were smarter T T
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!


  7. Yeah WX you rock. Tell it to the kid as well as Helian Yi. Don’t mess with my future wife! Thanks for the chapter.


  8. I thought all of Jing Qi’s servants were clever… but Ji Xiang is being manipulated so easily!! How frustrating.

    Is Helian Yi gonna throw a tantrum? He should, Wu Xi is too bold!

    Thanks for the chapter!o

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hahaha 😂 He’ll be my wife in the future.” WX you’re the best!! Tell it straight to the four year old!!! She can get her own wife. 🤭😂😂😂
    Thank you so much for the update. So excited when I see them !!🙏💓🌹🌻💝

    Liked by 2 people

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