LS 72: The Final Battle (2)

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Wu Xi felt like he was having a deep, world-inverting dream. The dreamworld was way too lifelike; so lifelike, that everyone and everything inside it seemed to be real, making him unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

He dreamed of the day the rolling carriage traversed past the dense scenery of Nanjiang. Going down a very long road, he saw many people, then arrived alone at the most flourishing and beautiful place in the world — Fullmoon River, which flowed on endlessly for thirty li out, and had beauties singing and dancing both on and around it.


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14 thoughts on “LS 72: The Final Battle (2)

  1. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍 This is so great. Here is how Wu Xi is so different from HLY. Even if HLY is all talk about touching emotions and painful considerations, what he ends up doing is using JBY thoroughly and happily tying him to his side while he fights for the nation. On the other hand, Wu Xi is sincerely building up forces to come save him and is willing to die for him. I think my main issue with HLY is that he thinks he is a giver while in action, he is a taker in their relationship.

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  2. We as still adults have seen many of our son’s from babies to adults to aged men. From impatient to the most patient. But we still are unaffected by our son’s growth and are still living a life of lethargy and watching them grow and die. 😶

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  3. I am so confused with the timelines. So is the crown prince now 28 years old, and JQ is 25 years old. But I thought that the invasion happening at the capital JQ was 20 and HLY was 23 years.

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    • Exactly! I carefully read to make sure I didn’t miss a time skip. The next few scenes do align with JQ as 20 and Wu Xi as 22/23 years old. Unless, Priest overlooked this part??

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    • HLY’s age is confusing. During coronation it was stated that he was 28. He was said to be a few years older than JBY when he was 10 during the funeral right? Then wouldn’t he be 18 when Wu Xi came over? But he was described as a child with no real power then. Wu Xi came over when he was less than 11 or 12. He leaves in 10 years. So he should be 21 or 22 rn. Then JBY would be 20. If HLY is really 28, then his past actions are firstly, creepy and secondly, how exactly is an 18 years old man a child?!


  4. Wow! Now this is great character development. Instead of doing something idiotic and useless like crying in the carriage for weeks or returning to the capital unprepared, Wu Xi chose the best possible solution: seek an advantage for his people and save his beloved. Mistress Priest can truly write enviable protagonists.

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  5. Happy Happy we have Wuxi back and the chapter is only about him..can’t wait to see what he’s going to do and if he does go back how will that confrontation be??? He still loves JQ and I think he will try again to bring back with him…despite being busy will JQ see him now as someone he loves!!!! This has been a great read thank you Chichi for what you do 🥰 are there other Bl novels you’ve translated you could recommend??? I mention before I read Golden stage because you translated it and loved if you have others can you give me a list of to read that would be great 😊 I also read Silent loved loved it!! Again thank you for your great work !,!!!!

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