LS 71: The Final Battle (1)

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By this juncture, there was no one in Court that dared to bring up moving to the South anymore. Helian Yi, this young man that had appeared gentle and kind for more than twenty years, finally exposed his iron-blooded, ruthless side to the people of the world. Then, existing in this dire situation where everyone wanted to retreat, he had the Ministry of Rites hurriedly make preparations, and took the top seat in close to a panic.


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11 thoughts on “LS 71: The Final Battle (1)

  1. i’m really liking these chapters, it’s making people show their true selves, like only imminent battle does.
    I LOVE ZHOU ZISHU AND BEIYUAN’S FRIENDSHIP SOOOO MUCH. i already read tian ya ke so i’m so happy they reunite again, and beiyuan even remembered what he said about finding him a wife hahaha i love them


  2. So HLY is still using JBY. Idk why, no matter what HLY does, I feel like hitting him. He saw that by the time he schemed his way over to the throne, the country was already in ashes. He also saw that it might be a last minute gamble to stake it all in this fight. But no matter how prestigious he seems, why do I always feel that he is a hypocrite? I think it’s just my general distaste for monarchy seeping into HLY. He truly is the embodiment of what qualities an Emperor needs and hence I can never like him. To be able to survive in an environment like that, he has long lost the ability to simply be human. He has to consider too many things and that makes him too complex an individual. I understand why this second male is not to my liking. Because he is too real. He can’t be perfect and conform to fantasies. Most palace novels I’ve read portray Emperors much like caricatures. This fiction portrays everything much too realistically. So I can feel how dirty, gritty and painful it is to perform a balancing act of different powers and rule efficiently. He doesn’t want his people to suffer more but he is helpless. If he flees too, he can guarantee his safety, but the common people will suffer. But it also himself who took things too lightly. He didn’t check the Northwest matters because it wasn’t the right time for him to get his brother off the scene. All of their schemes are all for naught now. He got his hands on a crumbling nation and he still has to stick up for it because his surname is Helian. And if he bets right and manages to survive, he will be deemed a goddamn revolutionary. However, it is the people working hard under him that are the real heroes. I think that’s why I hate the development so far. He is a generation of MingJun but how many bones are there under his path to glory?


  3. in the middle of a war these boys have the time to think about wine and women smh. i swear all of the princes allies (and him himself) are all gay lmao

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  4. > …that were currently blowing a foul stench onto this mild, peaceful land of gold dust, killing their brothers and families, and causing the chaos to separate people forever.

    When I read this I first was confused on where they were talking about. After I realized they were for some reason using those words to describe “Great Qing”, I then thought that JBY and ZZS somehow got attacked by the mob too. Then I realized that the citizens didn’t know the dirty stuff the fighting prince factions did. 🤷‍♂️

    The “nobility” shown by the Helians in these last few chapters really highlights the hypocracy and twisted sense of ownership they have over the populace—“nobody can break my toys but me!” and “How dare you shame me by breaking my belongings! I’d rather die than give in!”

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  5. Well, men in war times must be ruthless… Ugh.

    ‘ a small-waisted Nanjiang lady to be your wife’ 🤣 It’s obvious Jing Qi can’t see the future. A different kind of beauty is waiting for you, Zhou Zishu.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. Thank you again …it will be over soon and I will be so sad….mostly waiting for the JQ & Wuxi face to face…I’m not sure of how long it’s been since he sent him off…I also wish the author would give us a moment or two for Jing Qi to remember what he did and what’s in his heart… I understand that country came first but I want to see that it still hurts him on what did to Wuxi…being busy as he is I also know he doesn’t have time think of anything but the war but surely at some point he thinks of Wuxi even if after those thoughts he has to push them away 🥺🥺🥺

    By the way even though different author I had to read another novel you translated while I waited for Lord Seventh next chapters to be done so I read Golden Stage….OMG❤️❤️
    Loved your translations always ❤️

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