LS 59: A Blossom Spring in the Outside World

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On the daily, Jing Qi would take a trip to morning Court at dawn as usual. If he had nothing to do after, he would frequently go out for another trip, only willing to come back once he was infected by the scent of alcohol and rouge, and take a nap at noon. Sometimes, Wu Xi would come over in the afternoon. Sometimes, no one would come, and he would just sleep through.

No one knew how many things could pass by in his mind, as he instead appeared to be always somewhat lazy, like he hadn’t yet woken up.


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11 thoughts on “LS 59: A Blossom Spring in the Outside World

  1. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍 I still can’t quite wrap my head around them murdering an entire family for their schemes. I wish there were better ways for them to do things but really, it’s the fault of the Emperor. If he weren’t so incompetent, weren’t so obsessed with his face and would have taken the Northwest affairs seriously, given his son due punishment for his crimes, none of this would have happened. Just how debase is Da Qing that they have to murder a child to get the Emperor to finally do his job?

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  2. ‘The other sighed. “I didn’t expect that a strip of water so heavy with makeup could actually be this clear.”’


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  3. WX and JQ lying by the spring together is a peaceful image. I hope there will be more moments like this
    Thank you for the translation!

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  4. Oh, my god, what a beautiful scene. This tour was the most beautiful thing ever !!! Thank you for the chapter and congratulations Wu Xi and Jin Qi. I love how Priest builds engagement between her couples.

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  5. I’m glad Wu Xi is learning to not be so forceful showing his affection for Ji Qing. This little outing of his is really sweet.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. (ಡ ω ಡ) I had just woken up and read the chapter Don’t tell me I’m dreaming😆
    Congratulations to you Xiao WuXi🌹😘♥

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  7. Do we know why Helian Yi killed Jing Qi in the first life? Weren’t they together? Even if out Wu Xi mistakenly grabbed the soul of that woman, it makes no sense for Helian Yi to kill Jing Qi for that ^_^

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  8. Congrats Wu Xi for not getting punched for that +1 xD
    Btw for some reason I find “little toxin” to be such a funny and cute nickname. It makes me smile every time I see it xD
    Thank you~ have a nice day owo

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