LS 58: Not Too Late for Retribution

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[Start of Book 3: Watching Him Raise A Tall Building, Entertain Guests In It, Collapse It]

Once the body died, yin and yang separated.

Even though Liang Jiuxiao had once attempted to brutishly assassinate Jing Qi before, he had never truly stained his hands with human blood. Closing his eyes, the smell of earth mixed with the stench of blood and pelted down upon him, as if they were about to soundly bury him. The woman’s arms that wouldn’t let go in death, and the little girl’s eyes staring wide like they were going to split…


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16 thoughts on “LS 58: Not Too Late for Retribution

  1. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍 I will wait to judge this later. I can’t think rn.


  2. I’m really glad I read Faraway Wanderers before reading this because I’m so disgusted with Zhou Zi Shu right now, whereas I had nothing but sympathy reading FW. ZZS was a Really Bad guy. Jing Qi too. Poor Wu Xi, standing by his man, even though he knows it.


  3. god this chapter made my heart hurt

    He froze there for a while, then suddenly remembered… that it was all real.

    There was a nightmare when he closed his eyes, and a nightmare when he opened them, too. The human realm seemed to be endless and without edges. Even the torrents of the sea of bitterness were in his heart, frequently making him feel pain like he was drowning

    poor lian juxiao, this really got to him

    and retribution surely will come, i love them but they deserve it


  4. Wtf JQ was it worth it to cover up that fckboi lies ?
    You are insane….
    xiao xue…. poor girll 😭

    WX . you better save and take him away from that damned palace soon!

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  5. The second prince knows that he will not go along with the crown prince, so he took a strategy on me and on my enemies to drag everyone together with him to the hobbyist. I am not influenced by the Jiang family, perhaps their death is better than being exiled or their death in this public way is better than secretly dying without claiming their rights The days of the emperor will end in the end .

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    • the Emperor wasn’t aware of the massacre of the Jiang family. the assassination was executed under Crown Prince’s plan, in order to truly incriminate the Second Scion. so the Second Scion truly did get framed and now has a lifetime sentence- that’s why he looked at crown prince and told him he’d have to face retribution bc he knew it was his party that planned this. that’s why ZZ, JQ, and all of them couldn’t sleep that night the guilt was eating away at them, i guess they know they’ll face retribution for what they did. this story definitely isn’t sugarcoating anything, and i love that about Priest.

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  6. Are these women gonna expose Ji Xiang as a traitor?! He hasn’t done anything yet, but they can gain favour saying he did.

    Everyone in court is awful.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. Murderers with powers always win against Justice in reality. Good thing is, this is fiction. There would be retribution and I will wait eagerly for it. Jing Qi, you too.

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  8. Agh! I don’t know how to feel… They really did wrong but I don’t want them to get any retribution >.<
    Liang Jiuxiao must be feeling awful, like caught up in a never-ending nightmare T T
    Thanks for the chapter!!

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  9. Read this while being in an emotional state of mind so can’t help getting absolutely worked up with those who deem to be loyal but will be swayed..Ji Xiang. I really can’t stand that lowly maid of Su Qingluan. She’s got such a big trap. Nevertheless, thank you for the chapter.


  10. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. Thank you for your personal note – it makes sense 💔 Don’t know how i feel About this. 🤕So sad. No wonder JQ fears for his life and ZZ must also.😳🤭 HY you better be a good emperor in the future to repay your sins. Your Retribution- there won’t be anyone left by his side. Lonely road to the end with no one loyal nor honest by your side.


  11. Well of course Helian Ji did it…. he is narcistic possesive psychopath he will do anythihng for his goal…It’s so sad tho the thing they do for this power….And neglectance to act is also a grave ….Thank you. I must say its really heavy load. I really wish to know how will JQ get out of this if he even can, and knowing Helian Ji I understand why he doubts that. Thank you for an update!


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