LS 57: Ruined Temple in the Wilderness

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Wu Xi was in the middle of preparing to eat dinner, and seeing Jing Qi come at this hour astonished him some.

Jing Qi put the sable down, allowing it to go have fun in the courtyard. “Give me a knockout drug that can be undetected in wine,” he said frankly.

Wu Xi was taken a bit aback, but didn’t ask, only saying to Nuahar, “Go and bring that to the Prince.”


[End of Book 2: Flowers that Don’t Know of Fate are Exceptionally Beautiful]

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21 thoughts on “LS 57: Ruined Temple in the Wilderness

  1. The Emperor is lazy but also soft-hearted. I suspect this to be Helian Yi’s plan. It’s a good chance to frame Helian Qi. But man, this is the Jiang family’s reward for being loyal and upright huh….


  2. Well, that was horrible. Being rather dense (or optimistic?), I thought the Emperor meant he was sending the Jiangs to a nicer place to live and not the original place as planned🤦🏻‍♀️

    So the ending here was SO heartbreaking, and I need to go look at pictures of cute sables now to feel better.

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  3. I could honestly say that I was absolutely sad from this chapter and I actually cried. I didn’t cry this whole story until this chapter at the end. It was just so heartbreaking.


  4. wu xi’s little love rival!😭😭😭
    the scene where jiuxiao dig the ground was kind of reminded me of the scene of lao wen tried to dig a grave for the four sages of anji in word of honor, then ah xu came to console him. maybe the screenwriter was inspired by this one?

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  5. sadly I already knew something like this would happen from other comments but it hurts so much… she was so little… i had the hope at first that someone in the capital was going to adopt her

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  6. Coming from Shan He Ling (Tian Ya Ke – Faraway Wanderers) I knew this horrible scene was coming…
    And just realized that Xiao Xue was an angel, specifically sent down to save these murdering souls… Because we all know this massacre is the turning point for everyone… And those who are meant to be redeemed, her sacrifice gave them the push they needed. I’m sure the little one is enjoying paradise after this… Pure souls are indomitable

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  7. My goodness this chapter was just so…. ah 😔
    This is so messed up… this novel isn’t the most messed up I’ve read.. but it’s surely in my list, ah!

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  8. The book title makes sense now…

    Flowers that Don’t Know of Fate are Exceptionally Beautiful

    Especially to Jiang Xue

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  9. If it has not been mentioned, could I ask in which chapter ends Book 1? And what is the title?


  10. I’m too afraid to know the truth. 🤭😵😮😳😬💔
    Thank you so much for spoiling us with your updates. Grateful. 💓💜💝🌻🌹🥰💋

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    • He has no choice but to participate since the nation will crumble without them. It was also not their plan for this family to end up like this. That old officer didn’t listen to their advice and this was all because he proceeded to blackmail the Emperor. They can’t save them too. Because if they leave loose ends, it will come back to bite them later.


  11. We already knew this emperor is trash… but this massacre still surprised me. He really thinks of himself as benevolent ordering to save the Jiangs from their ‘suffering’? Horrible.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  12. I cried, I didn’t expect it to be this way, Jiang Xue was so little, she new nothing and deserved nothing but the best… Last chapter everything was alright, how come this chapter ended up this way.
    Jing Qi must be feeling worst than guilty.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!

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  13. God that was worse than I was expecting. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Emperor had sent poisoned wine or a white scarf or faked a suicide, but I wasn’t expecting a massacre. Did Zhou Zishu know the Emperor was going to order this and delay Liang Jiuxiao so he wouldn’t interfere and get himself killed, or did he kill them himself because they were only exiled?

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