TBB 5: Divine Mystery Sect

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Character Guide and Glossary

At first hear, Divine Mystery Sect was believed to be a mysterious place mastering in wonder-gate divination and capable of surveying divine mysteries, but, in reality, that wasn’t so. Its leader, Zhong Tian, wielded a broadaxe, and his two treasured sons used broadsabres; despite the weapons being different, their martial arts both walked the same path.

Dim and dismal candlelight illuminated the mourning hall.

The Zhong brothers had grief all across their faces, bitterly cursing out those shameless, sinister, deceitful people. As for Creed Head Yu Shengyan, not even a word of her was brought up — they had clearly forgotten that, under the universal sky, only she used the perfected Huaixiu art. If she had been a man or an ugly woman, they likely would have already cussed her out, but since she was gorgeous, almost every man that saw her got a sharp jolt in their heart, the same as when they caught sight of the flourishing, fiery beachrose that was Fu Wanqing.

Huaixiu was quick, its speed like a shooting star, or even faster than one.

Huaixiu was mild, its dilution like a burst of river mist, or even lighter than one.

Apart from Yu Shengyan, who else was capable of using the Huaixiu technique? With one hand on her chin, Fu Wanqing sank into contemplation as she sat in a pavilion at the heart of a lake. She had originally asked that directly to Yu Shengyan behind her, but she was positive that the woman wouldn’t answer, and maybe even genuinely wasn’t aware of the question. A gust of wind curled up blazing maple leaves, and they fell onto the surface of the water while a few of them went into the pavilion. Soon, there was practically no image of them as they were chopped to pieces, resembling a handful of dust sprinkling through the air.

“Good swordplay!” A loud shout came through to the the pavilion.

Fu Wanqing lifted her eyelids, a slightly coquettish smile showing at the edge of her lips, and tossed her hair back while her gaze only lightly swept over the two in mourning dress. Naturally, she knew who the young men standing on the red bridge were, and she also knew that they had been secretly watching her for a long time. She really enjoyed admiring gazes like this, but when she remembered that Yu Shengyan was at her side, a few threads of discontent arose in her heart again.

The Zhong brothers had since come over with a smile. Beneath a beauty’s smile, they forgot all of their grief, so much so that they forgot that their dead dad’s coffin was still resting in the hall. They were born of the same mother, but their appearances were widely different. Older brother Zhong Shiling was elegant and refined, strongly resembling his mother, while younger brother Zhong Shixiu was tiger-backed and bear-waisted like a barbarian, thus strongly resembling his father, Zhong Tian.

They closed in on the pavilion, but didn’t dare to enter it.

Fu Wanqing was pretty, but it was a thorny, wild kind of pretty. They understood their own value clearly, and knew that they wouldn’t be able to manage a beauty like her. It was merely that, with loveliness facing them, wanting to control their own eyes was not a very easy thing; they were flowing away, leaving her aside to then bump into the chilling eyes of the white-clothed Yu Shengyan standing beside her.

Shock and surprise interwove in their eyes. Since the Zhong brothers were admirers of Yu Shengyan, they naturally couldn’t be any clearer on how she looked. Such a beauty had now appeared before them in real life — how could they not be surprised? They determined that it was her, but the good deal of misgivings they had caused them to overthrow their own conjecture. They cast their doubt-filled gazes at Fu Wanqing, expecting her give them an answer.

The looks they had put into her eyes, she hooked her lips. “Looks like her?”

They nodded shortly in comprehension.

“Eldest Lady’s face-changing technique has advanced a step again,” Zhong Shiling said, making himself out to be smart. She had always behaved fractiously and surprisingly, so he maintained that she had deliberately face-changed her own personal maid to look like Yu Shengyan. She and her were apparently incapable of tolerating each other, and with Fu Wanqing’s pride, she would eliminate each and every person of equal fame to her, ferociously crushing them beneath her soles; the one standing on top could only be her alone. He really wanted to give a few words of praise, but he could not speak poorly of Yu Shengyan, so all he could ultimately do was lower his head and stay silent at the side.

The brothers’ sights stopped on Yu Shengyan for obviously longer than they had on her; even if they resolved in their hearts that she wasn’t Yu Shengyan, the identical bearing and countenance still entranced them. They looked at her, and her eyes were cast towards the misty, remote mountains.

All of a sudden, Fu Wanqing wanted to gouge the men’s eyes out. She smashed her tea cup onto the stone table, alarming them back to their senses. Seeing their puzzled looks, she chuckled. “You brothers haven’t gone to the front hall to deal with the Divine Mystery Sect’s major affairs, so what are you stopping here for? Could it be that you’ve taken a fancy to the beauty beside me?”

Who would dare to touch a woman by Fu Wanqing’s side? Despite the brothers having such an inkling, they didn’t dare to reveal that lightly. While hanging stiff smiles on their faces, they cupped their hands, turned, and left, though their loitering steps demonstrated the enormous reluctance inside of them.

“Both the junior and the senior are good-for-nothings, with not a one of them promising.” Fu Wanqing watched those retreating figures, laughing coldly.

Bleak wind caressed the water’s surface, leaving loop after loop of ripples.

Fu Wanqing suddenly read a bit of lonesomeness from within this autumn breeze. Yu Shengyan stood silently behind her, but she was too mild a person, nearly making others unable to sense her existence. Even when she watched you with her indifferent eyes, you would think that her line of sight had long since pierced through everything and landed on a far-off place.

Fu Wanqing had power, wealth, fame, and good looks that a myriad of people envied, but she still felt an emptiness in her heart, like she was missing a piece. What could she still be lacking? An opponent? There was someone in front of her, but she unfortunately refused to draw her sword this whole time.

Standing up, she turned to Yu Shengyan. “I heard that the best sword in jianghu is Huaixiu,” she probed with a smile. “I also heard that the most awesome swordsperson is, in fact, Demonic Creed Head Yu Shengyan.”

The other raised her eyelids and glanced over Fu Wanqing’s smiling face. “I agreed to stay by your side, but I won’t duel with you,” she said coldly.

“I already changed my mind, I won’t duel with you. However, it’s not me alone in jianghu that hasn’t seen your Huaixiu sword before.” Her fingers that were caged in her sleeves reached out, and she lightly lifted Yu Shengyan’s chin, leaning forward a step as if she were about to plaster onto her lips. She then turned her face and chuckled. “Me keeping you at my side is only to let you see a good show. Three months’ time is enough.”

Yu Shengyan turned, avoiding Fu Wanqing’s warm breath, but her lips lightly rubbed against the other’s face. She didn’t take this trivial thing to heart, only following along with Fu Wanqing’s words to dully ask, “Good show?”

Fu Wanqing narrowed her eyes, took her fingers back from her chin, then unconsciously landed them upon the side of her own face that Yu Shengyan had brushed against, an unexplainable emotion now arising in her heart. She was quite capable of controlling her own facial expressions, so she didn’t expose her thoughts in the slightest. “This is the scene of a very good show, of course. Within three months, the so-called Whitepath Alliance will collapse bit by bit, and your Creed will also start to rot from the inside. Isn’t that an immensely great show to watch?”

If anyone else said those words, others would merely see her as a lunatic, but since she said them, they had a force that made people unable to do anything but believe them. Despite her being the daughter of Alliance Leader Fu Hui, no one knew what she ended up wanting to do, nor what she ended up doing. If her surname wasn’t Fu, they would have likely treated her as a to-the-letter demoness.

An incredibly alluring demoness, of course.

She carefully focused on Yu Shengyan after saying that, but slowly became disappointed. No extra expression was on the other’s face, and only a dull “oh” was spat out of her mouth. It was like the Whitepath Alliance had no relationship with her, and that the Jadeite Water Creed had nothing to do with her.

An enemy like this that put nothing in their eyes or mind was awful. Even if she was faking everything, she would still be awful. Fu Wanqing felt a wave of terror rise in her heart as she observed Yu Shengyan, then abruptly wanted to eliminate her, murderous desire appearing in the span of such a thought.

Yu Shengyan detected it, but only took a tiny step forwards, reached out, and picked a maple leaf off of Fu Wanqing’s shoulder. At exactly that small moment, this simple action eradicated all of Fu Wanqing’s murderous aura. The latter was a bit discouraged, feeling that she had lost without even taking out her sword. How could she, Fu Wanqing, have the word ‘lost’ in her life? Every single thing about her should be flawless.

“Why does this world have me, and also one Yu Shengyan?”

She sighed softly.

Looking at the light glinting off the lake, and the fiery maple forest, she wanted to play the xiao all of a sudden.

She remembered the sound of the qin when she had first met Yu Shengyan.

Would she be able to perform a song together with her?

The translator says: *fwq voice* what is this feeling… must be Hate

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Character Guide and Glossary

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