The Beauty’s Blade

CN: 美人剑
Author: 封刃作书 / Feng Ren Zuo Shu
Chapters: 52
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: F/F
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That woman was a beautiful one.
That sword was a good one.
In jianghu, there were very many people that walked into Fu Wanqing’s line of sight, yet there was only one person that had truly fallen into her heart.
The Whitepath Alliance? The Head of the Demonic Creed? She didn’t care about those things one bit.

She wanted that sword, and the beauty wielding it even more so.

An alluring, evil Young Mistress of the Whitepath Alliance that thinks herself to be hot shit, paired with a mild-mannered, grand Demonic Creed Head who’s cold and lofty and above it all.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Yu Shengyan
Ch. 2: Goldmelt Grotto
Ch. 3: Spring Palace Book
Ch. 4: Night Visitor
Ch. 5: Divine Mystery Sect