TBB 19: Zhang Zongyi

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CW: This chapter got locked on jjwxc because it’s only slightly naughty. It also involves sucking out blood. Cool???
Actually, I don’t know what the real title is supposed to be, precisely because it’s locked… so I guessed.

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“Why don’t you go on, Young Lord Guo? This old man still wants to hear the story.” A bizarre cackle resounded throughout the hall, together with an eerie voice.

A thin elder in red buddhist robes walked in, looking all about with shifty eyes.

The hall quieted down in an instant, only the sound of breathing remaining.

That was because they already recognized him: the Blooddevil Sabre of the Western Regions, Zhang Zongyi.

He walked a crooked, nefarious path alone, unaffiliated with the Demonic Creed, yet ten times worse than its villains. A hundred times, even. He killed when he was happy, and killed when he wasn’t, too. He was a monk that drank no wine, but human blood, and ate no vegetables, but human flesh.

He narrowed his eyes, grinning evilly. “Back during Haze Island’s son-in-law selection, I had also gone to join in the fun, but didn’t expect that two young brats would beat me to it. Those pretty sisters really had been seldom-seen beauties of the world. The treasure trove and rare books of the Island’s Master are all what people of jianghu yearn for day and night. The women were had, and the precious objects were also had — how could something so easy ever happen? Am I right, Young Lord Guo?”

Blanking his face, Guo Ju nodded. “That’s reasonable.”

Zhang Zongyi gave a sinister grin. “Those two punks had each given me a hit. Now, I’ve achieved remarkable feats, and have come to get revenge. I had heard that the Whitepath Alliance was convening for a contest, but I didn’t expect that there would only be a group of kids!” He licked his lips here. “This isn’t bad, though. The taste of young folk is always better than old bones!”

Expression suddenly twisting, he extended a shriveled palm and sucked Yang Wumin over.

A bizarre smell bubbled forth. She got strangled by the neck, eyes illuminated with tears. “Fu Wanqing is more beautiful than her mother!” she struggled out with effort.

Long before Zhang Zongyi had come through the door, Fu Wanqing had heightened her alert, hand already on her sword. When she heard Yang Wumin’s statement, her face cooled down, and she blocked Yu Shengyan’s countenance, shooting out cyan light with a swoosh. “Blooddevil Sabre?” she asked, unworried. “How about letting me experience the master moves of a senior, then?”

Fu Wanqing didn’t want to rescue Yang Wumin at all, even wanting to strike her dead, but Zhang Zongyi’s depraved gaze had already landed on her, unfortunately. The Blooddevil Sabre would need to see blood before it withdrew, and she could feel her own boil.

The thin man was an expert hand from the Western Regions. The disciples of every sect in jianghu had their own sneaky tricks, but they were ultimately inferior to those in the West.

Man or woman, young or old, pretty or ugly… none of that mattered anymore. All that fell upon her eyes was a sabre — a very thin, very quick sabre — while she herself was a sword — an even lighter, even quicker sword. In the span of a breath, she had turned into a band of swordlight, fighting together with him.

Those of low courage and humble martial arts had long since slipped away.

Yang Wumin had fallen onto the ground, feeling her neck as she panted loudly.

Yang Wugong was leaning against the table, ready to act.

Shen Shengyi leisurely picked up his cup and took a sip of warmed wine.

The Zhong brothers were gazing in infatuation at Third Young Master, who brushed her sleeves out. Gaze colliding with the two women in pink around Chun Fengxiao, her worry vanished in a flash.

Guo Ju was nervous, roughly leaving a pair of palmprints behind on the table. He stared hard at the completely indifferent-looking Yu Shengyan, some traces of entreaty in his eyes.

The red light from the sabre intersected with, then separated from the cyan shadow of the sword. A figure whirled out of the overlapping images.

Fu Wanqing coughed lightly while covering her lips, and Zhang Zongyi faced the sky to laugh maniacally.

Long sword shaking, Fu Wanqing once again turned into swordlight to attack him, and a bit of rosiness flushed his face that was as gray and withered as a dead tree. Surrounding tables were jolted to pieces, the remnant wood particles getting swept up by a hurricane to become a small maelstrom in the hall. The one that tumbled to the ground this time around was him, but she didn’t seem to be much better off, either.

Yang Wuming glared unwaveringly at Fu Wanqing, whose self-protecting true qi had been broken up. With a swipe of her right hand, a collection of starry lights shot out towards the latter.

Yu Shengyan’s eyes suddenly sharpened. All that was seen was a white image flashing past along with a series of clinks, and then those life-seeking throwing darts were all struck back, slashing open Yang Wumin’s skin and sticking all over her body. Yu Shengyan gave her a cold glare, then turned to get the weak Fu Wanqing.

Propping himself back up into a stand, Zhang Zongyi laughed loudly. “Very good! Very good!”

His sabre was saturated with a layer of bewitching, blood-reeking red light.

“Yu Shengyan, draw your sword!” Fu Wanqing berated.

The other paid no mind to her shout, going to meet Zhang Zongyi’s sabre with her bare hands. Long hair fluttering all around because of the strong qi coming off of her, her momentum changed greatly. Fu Wanqing had already gotten pushed away by her and over to the dazed Guo Ju’s side. Her silhouette darting, she appeared to be calculating each and every move and style of Zhang Zongyi’s, directly forcing him to retreat step after step.

Guo Ju was dumbstruck as he watched, but Fu Wanqing’s heart was jumping in fear.

“If Shen Shengyi does anything, stop him,” she softly ordered into Guo Ju’s ear. Pushing off with both hands, she then used the opportune momentum to flit over to where the two were battling.

After her fight with Zhang Zongyi, she knew that there were altogether eight styles of the Blooddevil Sabre, each move more formidable than the last. Now, he was on the eighth.

As she watched them closely, she saw a slight smirk show up on Zhang Zongyi’s face, and her heart abruptly sank.

Following the eighth form, the sabre’s momentum didn’t slow in any way. Yu Shengyan was nearly pressed onto the floor, and if she still didn’t draw her sword, she would be getting cleaved in two by that covert blade!

Fu Wanqing took a deep breath, then flew diagonally towards Yu Shengyan, raising her sword and nearly exhausting all the true qi in her body.

The Blooddevil Sabre had no ninth form, only the eighth’s sabre within a sabre!

Yu Shengyan had a sudden moment of comprehension. Right when she intended to dodge the blade, Fu Wanqing stepped in and resolutely took over with a move.

Her sword broke into cun-sized pieces from the shock. Scarlet blood flowed down along the grotesque red sabre, trickling to the ground.

Yu Shengyan furrowed her brow, caught Fu Wanqing, then swept several zhang away.

The inside of Zhang Zongyi’s mouth was full of wildly surging blood. Wiping his lips off, he looked in disbelief at the sword tip that had nearly stuck through his heart, then sprang away and disappeared.

“What did you rush in for?” Yu Shengyan’s cold voice slightly wavered. Her hands that held Fu Wanqing shook, as well.

“You’re awesome, Sister Yu!” Guo Ju flipped and landed before Fu Wanqing, but with one look at the wound on her shoulder, his expression swiftly changed, and he reached out to seal her major acupoints. “The Blooddevil Sabre is poisoned!” he shouted in alarm.

Yu Shengyan’s expression changed, too.

“Miss Yu, there’s an empty room upstairs! Bring her there, quick!” Third Young Master rushed over, voice panicked. “Liu Hong, go get—“

“No need!” Yu Shengyan cut her off. She picked Fu Wanqing up, then leapt a few times up the railings to the second floor.

“Yu Shengyan! Creed Head Yu Shengyan!” Yang Wuming shouted loudly, the look in her eyes like she was about to go and tear her apart.

“Shut up! What kind of woman gave birth to a daughter like you?!” Guo Ju bellowed, clenching his fists. He itched to go and throw a slap at her face.

The door to the room shutting tightly, Yu Shengyan’s face was as cold as frost.

Fu Wanqing leaned against the bed, grinning with narrowed eyes.

With the wound on her right shoulder, the clothes on her upper body got unfeelingly peeled away by Yu Shengyan.

The other looked at her heaving chest, then focused her gaze on the wound.

“Are you going to use your hand strength to help me suck out the poison? What if there’s some left over?” Fu Wanqing questioned with a grin, one of her fingertips placed in her own mouth.

Yu Shengyan gave her a look. “What would be done, then?” she asked mildly.

Fu Wanqing didn’t answer, only getting up into a slight sit on the bed, extending her arms to loop around Yu Shengyan’s neck. The slight bit of movement, however, pulled at her wound, causing her to let out a muffled grunt.

Yu Shengyan knelt beside her on the bed. Bracing her arms on either side, she swept over the messy-clothed Fu Wanqing, and the spring palace book the latter had tricked her into reading suddenly echoed in her head. In a split second, her eyes went foggy.

Sweeping her own fallen hair away, she slowly got in close to the wound on the other’s shoulder, placed her lips lightly on the bare skin, then sucked the poisoned blood out.

Fu Wanqing tilted her head back, pressing her shoulder in closer to her lips, either chuckling or groaning. Her hooded, limpid gaze held a myriad of sensualities.

Yu Shengyan wiped the blood off of her lips, not parting from Fu Wanqing’s body at all. “How’s that?” she gently asked.

Yu Shengyan’s misted eyes resembled the river fog of early winter, and the blurred drizzle of spring’s arrival.

She bent down and kissed Fu Wanqing’s delicate collarbone, both sucking and biting.

Fu Wanqing felt like her soul was going to be hooked out. She embraced Yu Shengyan, smiling brilliantly and openly.

Yu Shengyan’s hand slipped into Fu Wanqing’s lapels, stroking across her brocade-esque skin. Her fingers jumped like she was plucking the strings of a qin. Fu Wanqing grinned, a bit of tears flashing in her eyes, and called her name out lowly.

Yu Shengyan sighed lightly, took back her misbehaving hand, then fixed Fu Wanqing’s lapels.

Plain white silk was wrapped across the wound, layer by layer.

“You shouldn’t have stabbed out with that sword,” Yu Shengyan said placidly.

Fu Wanqing’s face curved up as she chuckled. “It broke. Shouldn’t you pay me back?”

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  1. So Fu was just showboating to make sure Shen couldn’t steal her lady’s favour. These seem like good priorities.


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