TBB Extra: Guo Ju’s Aside

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Falcons feared streams; this was precisely a deep mountain stream falcons would fret about when they saw.

Two figures darted past, one in front and one in back, then ultimately landed steady upon a protruding rock.

“I’ve never been held up by anyone for that long! Those little ladies from Limitless Palace really are something! And Lady Fu, really, what was she thinking, stirring up such a big mess? Ah, jianghu… this old man already can’t understand it anymore. It’s time to retire.” Guo Lintian plopped his butt onto the ground, wiping the cold sweat off of his forehead. He glared at Guo Ju, who looked a little pale, and huffed out a laugh. “What, you couldn’t take the rush here? You brat—“


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6 thoughts on “TBB Extra: Guo Ju’s Aside

  1. But late but thanks for the translations, glad Guo Ju got her own happy ending and had a dad who was slightly less of an asshole than the others. At least he repented.


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