TBB Epilogue

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Longsword flying out like a beam of light, fresh blood dripped from her thumb. She looked at Yu Shengyan’s tightly-furrowed brows, then raised her head and smiled noiselessly; she knew that she wouldn’t leave.

The anger in Yu Shengyan’s heart was not yet dissipated. She was angry at Fu Wanqing, and also herself. After bandaging the wound for her, she took in a deep breath and walked into the cave. Fu Hui had been leading the jianghu crowd for a while now, and Lady Fu wouldn’t want to miss that excitement.

Partway through their journey, she witness a few people scrambling away like there were ghosts inside. True to her word, Lady Fu turned her body to the side and allowed them to flee.


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2 thoughts on “TBB Epilogue

  1. What an ending, it feels fitting for Fu Hui to be left alive, only to watch his daughters schemes come to fruition. Now that lady Fu has completed her revenge I’m glad she gave up on this jianghu nonsense.


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