TBB 50: Making a Heavy Oath

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This house on Haze Island was covered in dust and cobwebs; one glance told that no one had lived in it for a long time. The treasure trove indicated on the map was somewhere around here. Fu Hui was in no hurry to find it, intending to spend the night here; even though the jianghu folk were restless at heart, they couldn’t say much.

Liu Zhishang’s face was ashen, the hearsay tidbits of jianghu incessantly entering his ears — with just one reasonable guess, he had been senselessly charged with cowardice and greed. In the quiet night, as shouts and sleep-talk bubbled up in places, the more he thought about this, the more he felt that this was a trap. His somber, viper-like gaze slowly slid from Guo Lintian to Fu Hui, and then a braze conjecture arose in his heart — could all of this have been caused by the Manor? Yang Yifei had never admitted that his Protectancy had ever had the Guanyin, but was that actually not a lie?


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