LY 94

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When Yan Zhengming had left Fuyao Mountain, he had been no more than seventeen. Once slightly over twenty, he had focused on honing the sword, and his features had grown without much change.

Now, his primordial spirit had stepped into the Sword Spirit Realm. Though his features had not been even a tiny bit dyed by the traces of the years, his bearing was leagues different.


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6 thoughts on “LY 94

  1. Yan Yan – subtlety will not work. 🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭
    Thank you so much chichi and kind donor 🙏❤️👏🍀💐


  2. 100ish years have passed and now they’re super powerful immortals, but they’re still essentially dumb teenage boys lmao. Good luck, YZM! And thanks Chichi for the chapter!


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