LY 93

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[Book Five: Return to Trueness]

When Cheng Qian awoke, he was already inside the Stone Seed.

The sun had not yet risen up into the sky. The Seed had become the same sort of tiny courtyard it had been back at Vermilion Bird Tower, with green shade covering up blood. It was like a momentary paradise.

A hand was placed upon his forehead.


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6 thoughts on “LY 93

  1. Someone… help me understand, how did Yan Zhengming unlock the lock of heaven on sect leader’s seal? I went back to the previous chaps thinking I might have missed something but I still don’t understand…


    • I’m honestly not positive myself, but the Tower of No Regrets had the heaven vs humanity vs earth thing, and the old fart said that Fuyao only followed humanity, meaning the other two ‘paths’ are actually just bogus distractions. So, by conquering humanity, the other two are also conquered, thus opening the seal. I think.

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      • Thanks. This is so confusing. I went to rustycol’s chapters and found how the heaven lock was pointing to Demon Vanquishing Seal in c79. I thought since the demonic cultivators lost in the duel, the condition for the seal was met and the lock opened but maybe I’m wrong orz


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