LY 95

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Yan Zhengming’s soles nearly got stuck and came off. Cheng Qian was still watching him from afar, wanting to say something but stopping; he looked to be at a bit of a loss, and also helpless.

The other had been like this as a child; he hated cold stools and would refuse to sit on them, standing there with a look full of displeasure as he said not a thing, waiting for his crowd of maidservants and Daolings to fathom his thoughts. In any case, with such a giant group of Daolings around, there had always been a few clever ones that could react in time and save him the talking.


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5 thoughts on “LY 95

  1. “On the first day Yan Zhengming stayed there, Cheng Qian had a rare bout of sleeping in later. He felt a sweetness in his heart upon opening his eyes to see him. “Despite having some slight, indescribable discomfort on himself” , it wasn’t that big of a deal; ”

    Guess we know now who bottomed. THEY MADE A LEAP FROM WALKING.



  2. I am so nervous Tang Zhen may turn out to be bad and try to steal Cheng Qian’s body……hoping it’s just paranoia.

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  3. Chi chi – o love your t/n 🤭🤭🤣🤣 thank you so much for your wonderful work 👏👏 thank you advisor donor for these chapters 🙏❤️💐🥰


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