FYC 58: With Different Eyes

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While everyone else’s expressions had begun to more or less twist up on account of Tang Fan’s words, Minister Zhang alone smiled, even prompting with slight warmth, “Since that’s so, you may as well bring up any charters, if you have them. We can all consult them in detail.”

“As sentencing officials,” Tang Fan continued, “these things should have been plainly implemented according to the law, but when I flipped through the dossiers of last year, I discovered that the workers of the Henan Office cannot be stated to have a clear understanding of said law; I’m afraid that they haven’t even thumbed through the Great Ming Code. Their judgements have been solely based on personal preferences, and it’s gone on for so long, it’s caused the internal files and older cases of the Office to go into disarray.


[End Arc 4: Into the Ministry of Justice]

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Character Guide and Glossary

8 thoughts on “FYC 58: With Different Eyes

  1. I’m probably an outlier but I love the office politics shenanigans, the actual political intrigue, and the legal reform stuff. I hope the storyline of Tang Fan’s proposed reform gets more time in future arcs. Also, I appreciate that the author wrote this arc that wasn’t solely focused on a single case investigation, but set the stage for later developments.


  2. Oh god, this arc… lulling us into a false sense of security with the cute and fluffy slice of life at the beginning, then throwing us into brutal action with child trafficking, torture and kidnapping, to finish with a time skip that actually takes the time to develop the political setting… T_T I feel so spoiled…
    Thank you very much for translating it!


  3. Ha ha thank you so much! I really like it and I do love TF from novel so much more then drama one. Oh he is such a badass and have swift word knives always ready 😉 thanks!


  4. Thank you for your hard eork in this novel! It’s a treat to read, but probably is hell of a job to actually translate )))
    Anyways, you are the best!


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