FYC 59: Wanting to Run Away From Home

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[Arc 5: The Case of the Ancient Coffin in Luo River]

Henan was the birthplace of the Yin-Shang Dynasty, and had been basking in glory since time immemorial. After the Great Ancestor of Song, Zhao Kuangyin, had selected Kaifeng as the capital, Henan had turned into the unmatched heart of the realm. All the Emperors of Northern Song had been buried there in sum.


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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 59: Wanting to Run Away From Home

  1. I read until this chapter in three days and, wow, your translation is truly great, also you put so much work into this! Thank you so much for taking your time to translate this novel and do it with so much care for the final product!

    Also, YASSS finally SZ and TF are going to do another assignment together, and far away from home… But I won’t get my hopes up for any actual romance, TF my boy is slow af when it comes to romance

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