LY 98

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The Empress’s what, the bird yao stammered on and couldn’t say, ultimately raising their head to the sky and letting out a cry in anxiety. One clawed hand that had not yet had time to turn into a human one messily drew a circle in midair, barely managing to gesture out what they meant — You’re the Empress’s egg.

Shui Keng believed that being called like that was an utter affront to her youth and beauty, so she put her hands on her hips and stood looking like a teapot. “Yeah, an egg getting this big is like a fishbone stuck in your King’s throat, huh? That old man sure has kept me in mind for so many years, to send you to kill me as soon as Fuyao Mountain opened up! Just really sincere… but are all of you in Yao Valley dead to the last? Isn’t not sending anyone powerful looking down on me?”


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