LY 97

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Yan Zhengming walked out of the bedroom, not a bit of tiredness to be seen on his face. He raised one hand and pressed it down upon Cheng Qian’s stiff shoulder. “How did he die? I didn’t sense anything at all. How could a superpower like Shang Wan’nian die without any commotion?”

As the rightful successor of the Sect Leader Seal, he could sense even a bit of stirring grass on the Mountain, his spiritual consciousness able to sweep over Yao Valley in the back range. He was much more potent at it than Zhenren Muchun had been, half-dead as he possessed the body of a weasel.


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5 thoughts on “LY 97

  1. There should be protective barrier in fuyao mt. Like gusu… so any intruder will alert ppl inside xD.
    Btw, can anyone enlighten me how the “hearing universe” ended up in CQ’s hand?


    • The Hearing universe is the Jade Stone that CQ used to form his body, and the old man give him the secret about this object


    • Wen Ya was the friend of their former master Han Muchun. He gave the jade to CQ so he could stand a chance at defeating Zhou Hanzheng. They didn’t know yet that it was the “hear the universe.”


    • I believe it is actually from the artifact from the “Demon Extermination Array” in chapter 83. This is the first time the “Ear” began to appear on his palm.

      “Feeling that he is already at his limit, Cheng Qian doesn’t bother to see what artifact the ‘eye’ of the array is. He tosses it in the air with the lance and catches it with his hand.

      As soon as he catches it, his palm burns with indescribable pain. Cheng Qian can’t help himself and lets out a groan.

      The ‘eye’ of the array has been moved from its position.”


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