LY 99

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Cheng Qian cautiously observed Yan Zhengming’s expression. “I know what’s right and wrong in this. I won’t go deep into the Mystic Site, and I won’t touch anything inside it. I just want to go look for the trail the Soul-Devouring Lamp left—“

“Even Tong Ru said that he might not have been able to escape intact going into that place,” Yan Zhengming cut him off. “You feel yourself to be more powerful than him now, as you’re practically able to ascend, yes?”


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5 thoughts on “LY 99

  1. The sea really didn’t want to be a thirdwheel so it interrupted them 🤣🤣 Thank you for this chapter again!


  2. It’s really quiet here. It feels like we’re the only two left in the whole world.”
    Cheng Qian thought meticulously about that scenario, then suddenly trembled in fear. “What? And be the only one left for you to torment? I’d better hurry and off myself.”

    Ummm. Honeymoon period is over ??? 🤭🤭🤣🤣 poor CQ. can someone remind me why CQ fell for YZM?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • hello! i’m late to answer this but it started in chapter 72 (the time when cheng qian got captured and yan zhengming come to saved him.) tang zhen revealed to cheng qian that yan zhengming ask him about the forbidden technique where he can reached the limit of his power before he come to save cheng qian. cheng qian heart moved and suddenly remember zhuang nanxi said to him when he’s shared his feeling for this rouge cultivator, “As long as it doesn’t go against morals, there is nothing I won’t do for her.”

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