FYC 57: Is He Nuts?

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After hearing of his student’s complaining, fire spurted three zhang off of Assistant Liang. He wasn’t angry about Tang Fan humiliating Yin Yuanhua, but rather that the other had clearly known that Yin Yuanhua was his disciple, yet had still dared to do such a thing. He obviously didn’t place any importance onto him.

In this age, reputation was a huge deal. Tang Fan, a minor Chief, had had his first day of entry into the Ministry of Justice, yet before he was even standing steady in it, he had dared to provoke a high official. Did he have no brain, or the guts of a leopard?


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 57: Is He Nuts?

  1. Oh my… Tang Fan is really precise and straightforward. He must have a plan for future actions, otherwise he will not be as reckless.
    Thank you for multiple chapters! Finally 🙂

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