TBB 7: Iron Arhat

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Character Guide and Glossary

Conversing with Yu Shengyan was a very angering affair, but getting interrupted by some unknown little hooligan while conversing with Yu Shengyan was even more angering. Fu Wanqing was not an even-tempered person, and could even be described as an irritable and cruel one. For a long time prior to this, whoever made her mad was who she would make not alive.

She separated from Yu Shengyan’s body, the dark red on her face that was akin to sunset clouds vanishing to nothing. Now, only murderous intent remained in that charming smile. She plucked off dust that simply didn’t exist from her clothes, eyes instantly fixed upon the big, sturdy man standing on the aft.

He was in his forties, his chin covered in a black beard, and on his right cheek was a cut scar that looked extraordinarily fierce and terrifying. A section of chain was coming out of his short, dark-gray clothes. His eyes slanted inwards, seemingly capable of spurting fire from within them.

“Bitch! You’ve no shame!” The man spat viciously onto the floor, then looked up, pupils full of spite.

Yu Shengyan turned to Fu Wanqing. “Do you recognize him?” she asked dully.

Fu Wanqing had met the man before, but recognizing him was completely out of the question. He was one of the rare men in the world that wasn’t confounded by her, and that was naturally only because his heart was currently crammed full of hatred, having previously suffered a major defeat at her hands.

The sturdy man was famed on the streets; everyone called him ‘Iron Arhat’ Ma San. He used to be a disciple of Shaolin, but later left it to return to the common world, then became a Chief Sentry at the Guanxi Protectancy under the Soaring Might Protectancy’s coalition. No matter who it was on the road, all had to give him face, and he could even claim to have never been defeated over the then-previous fifteen years — last year, however, he was. Losing his job was a trifling matter, but he also lost his reputation. The scar on his face had been left behind by the one that had robbed his escort, a constant reminder of his shame from a year before.

On that escorted trip from the Guanxi base, a jade Guanyin was being transported that had been personally carved by a number one expert craftsman, Lu Qi. Not only did it not get delivered to the hands of the Manor of Chivalry’s Eldest Lady, but it didn’t even leave Guanxi — in Ma San’s own domain, he had to watch helplessly as someone plundered his convoy. That incident wasn’t limited to just Ma San losing his face, but the Soaring Might Protectancy’s, as well; because of it, their Head Chief Sentry couldn’t even raise his head in Fu Hui’s presence.

Losing Eldest Lady Fu’s birthday present was genuinely too disgraceful, too embarrassing.

Yet, no one had guessed that the one who robbed the convoy had been Lady Fu herself.

Due to the disgrace, he had been investigating the incident all this time, but the outcome as eternally unexpected as this.

He removed his consciousness from the inside of his memories, then drew those chains out from his lapels; it was a chainblade that he had specially ordered someone to forge. He had amalgamated the quintessence of Shaolin’s Dharma Fist and Arhat Palm into a blade technique, thus walking his own path. “Everyone venerates you as the Eldest Lady of the Manor, but I, Ma San, am not fooled!” he shouted loudly. “Everyone is bewitched by that skin of yours, but I, Ma San, am not fooled! Lady Fu, you are truly snake-hearted and evil! That jade Guanyin washing out of my hands was you deliberately wanting to ruin my name and reputation!”

Fu Wanqing messed with her fingernails, raising her head to slam a gorgeous smile into Ma San, which nearly flushed away the hatred in his heart. She opened her mouth, and her voice was very soft, precisely as much as a silk, embroidered quilt covering oneself. Ma San had never before enjoyed the gentle intonation of women in his life. His expression began to morph, and he was no longer a man filled with enmity, but a man wanting to be filled with manliness by possessing this thorny rose.

What had Fu Wanqing actually said? It was: “The Guanyin was mine to begin with. I wanted to have it a bit earlier. What’s wrong with that?”

Ma San grinned, spurring that terrifying scar until his face became somewhat warped. “Right, there’s nothing wrong with that,” he laughed coldly. “I changed my mind. I don’t want revenge; I only want you, Lady Fu, to walk with me.”

What did it signify, to obtain Fu Wanqing? It signified that power, wealth, and beauty were all in one’s hold. The young, handsome talents that went to the Manor nearly wore out its doorsill, but not one of them had been able to receive her favor. Ma San of course didn’t believe that he’d be able to get her appreciation, but he did believe in the chainblade he held. No matter how powerful she was in hearsay, she was still nothing more than a woman.

His gaze swept across her body, then landed upon Yu Shengyan’s face. Stroking his solid beard, he nodded in satisfaction. He looked at the two women before him that were enough to cause great change in jianghu like he was looking at merchandise that was about to belong to him. Some people had grown eyes in vain, and he was exactly such a person.

Fu Wanqing was still smiling. From those tender, beautiful, glistening lips of hers, an exceedingly malicious and vulgar set of words were spat out. “What are you, even? Haven’t you ever taken a look at yourself in the reflection of your own piss? Did you forget about that scar on your face?”

Ma San’s robust body shook. He hadn’t forgotten, of course; he simply hadn’t seen that sword clearly at all, only sensing a green light flashing past before his eyes, and then an indistinct patch of bloodstains on his face. He had traversed jianghu for many years and had hardly ever come across a situation like that before, so he mentally concluded that the other employed some kind of devilish technique. He was someone who sought reputation — getting disdained and ridiculed by Fu Wanqing like this, his tenderness and pursuit of loveliness instantly turned into heart-filling fury. Roaring like mad, he swung the chainblade out to hack at her; the blade was bound in a strong wind, violently smashing down like the weight of Mount Tai was pressing upon the head.

Someone collapsed with a bang.

The chainblade crashed noisily, its sharp edge directly piercing through the ship’s hold.

“My Lady, the Lord requests that you return.” A respectful voice echoed from outside the cabin.

Fu Wanqing swept out her sleeves, looked at the man that had fallen into a pool of blood, and smiled. “Seriously disappointing.” With a brief touch of her toes, her entire person was like a burst of light smoke zipping out. A gust of palm wind struck a paper lantern on the pleasure boat, and, in an instant, the exquisite vessel was buried in a raging blaze. From within the fire that illuminated half the sky, a figure in white clothes flitted out, unperturbed and unhurried.

Yu Shengyan carefully observed her own promise, following by Fu Wanqing’s side.

Thankfully, Fu Wanqing had always behaved bizarrely, so almost all of the people in the Manor believed that Yu Shengyan was a face-changed forgery, aside from the two torch-like eyes of that cunning old fox, Fu Hui. She returned to Fu Wanqing’s room to wait, while Fu Wanqing herself was called to the study by Fu Hui, stating that there was a matter of importance that they needed to discuss.

‘Matters of importance’ were nothing other than major jianghu events that she hated.

She hated this jianghu, and hated Fu Hui’s status as the Whitepath Alliance Leader; that was something everyone in the Manor knew. However, they didn’t dare to get involved in it, let alone meddle. The stories included in that conversation were really too many, and, ultimately, only a peal of hems and haws remained.

Fu Hui’s brows were creased tightly. There always appeared to be melancholy enveloping his face. Seldom did he stay in the Manor, as he was always going back and forth between jianghu sects, and his hands were always busy with unfinished business. Raising his sights, he tried hard to make his own icy words become gentle. “That woman you brought back is the Demonic Creed Head, Yu Shengyan?”

Fu Wanqing chuckled, blinking as she answered. “So what if she is? So what if she isn’t?”

Fu Hui’s anger would forever be provoked by her irreverent attitude. He took in a deep breath. “The two factions of righteous and evil have always fought in jianghu. If Creed Head Yu Shengyan has appeared at our Manor, then the Creed is certainly plotting something. She’s dared to come cast herself into the net, so we, of course, cannot let her go easily. You brought her back, which is a great thing.”

Fu Wanqing raised a brow. “Who said I had to have nabbed her?” she asked with a smile. “She’s following me. When have you ever seen someone with the guts to touch the one beside me?”

Even if her words acknowledged the woman’s identity, they still only meant that she was going to protect Yu Shengyan, and not permit anyone to touch her. Fu Wanqing had always been one that did exactly what she said she would; in regards to this element, Fu Hui could less than understand it. She resembled her dead mother, but it was unclear who her personality took after.

Understanding via reason and acting via compassion simply went nowhere with her.

His expression sank. “If the people of jianghu learn that she’s peacefully staying here, they’ll absolutely believe that we’re colluding with the Creed! The Manor’s reputation is on the verge of collapsing in a day! This matter is not a joke, Wanqing, put your little temper away — I’m not counting on you to be capable of making any contributions for the Alliance, I’m just begging you not to cause trouble here! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless! The Forest is chaotic enough right now. You might not know it, but in addition to the Alliance and Creed, another strange power has come about.”

She laughed coldly, her smile curbing a little. Pushing the bangs in front of her forehead aside, a cold blade’s tip flashed past in her eyes, and she answered softly, “Dad, if you had strangled me when I was just out of the womb, none of these incidents would have happened. You had a lot of opportunities for it, but you’ve missed them all. What can you even do, with how you are now?”

The world-famous Fu Hui was no longer her match.

Others weren’t aware of that, but the father-daughter pair understood it clearly.

Within the study, there was laughter that rippled like silver bells. Like a puff of faint smoke, she floated away.

All that remained behind her was a spurt of ping-pong sounds, as a pitiful inanimate object became the target of Fu Hui’s venting anger.

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Character Guide and Glossary

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  1. is it just me or was that ending very very confusing? I wonder what’s up with these two…

    thanks for the chapter!


  2. Seriously love Fu Wanqing! Kind of a hot mess but a queen nonetheless. Only 7 chapters in and there’s already lap sitting and a kiss. Most novels would take 40 chapters to get here. I dig it!

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  3. Tbh most of this one is going over my head, but thanks! It’s a fair bit different which is fun. Lots of unanswered questions as well which I like. Though I wish I had at least enough to make wild speculations.

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    • Nothing is missing, that’s just how it is.

      Trust me, I found it a bit weird too and double-checked. I guess the author wanted the abruptness.


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