TBB 7: Iron Arhat

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Conversing with Yu Shengyan was a very angering affair, but getting interrupted by some unknown little hooligan while conversing with Yu Shengyan was even more angering. Fu Wanqing was not an even-tempered person, and could even be described as an irritable and cruel one. For a long time prior to this, whoever made her mad was who she would make not alive.

She separated from Yu Shengyan’s body, the dark red on her face that was akin to sunset clouds vanishing to nothing. Now, only murderous intent remained in that charming smile. She plucked off dust that simply didn’t exist from her clothes, eyes instantly fixed upon the big, sturdy man standing on the aft.


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6 thoughts on “TBB 7: Iron Arhat

  1. is it just me or was that ending very very confusing? I wonder what’s up with these two…

    thanks for the chapter!


  2. Seriously love Fu Wanqing! Kind of a hot mess but a queen nonetheless. Only 7 chapters in and there’s already lap sitting and a kiss. Most novels would take 40 chapters to get here. I dig it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tbh most of this one is going over my head, but thanks! It’s a fair bit different which is fun. Lots of unanswered questions as well which I like. Though I wish I had at least enough to make wild speculations.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nothing is missing, that’s just how it is.

      Trust me, I found it a bit weird too and double-checked. I guess the author wanted the abruptness.


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